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Redefining Nepali Organic Tea: Story of Golden Peak Tea


Most of us have the habit of drinking tea and we also serve tea for any guest at home. Sushmita Saria, founder of Golden Peak Tea initiated in 2016 to redefine organic tea in Nepal with almost 50 flavors with the aim to revolutionize the tea drinking habit among Nepali.

Though Nepal makes the best tea in the world, all the good teas are exported outside the country so golden peak brings the best and premium teas for the domestic consumers.

The company has shown to uplift the agricultural situation of Nepal. They promote Nepalese agricultural products from small villages of Nepal in urban cities like Kathmandu and also export these products to outside nations so as to show the world what these small villages of Nepal possess.

Story behind the Initiation

Mrs. Sushmita Saria, the leader behind ‘Golden Peak Tea’, saw her family involved in tea business after she got married. When she used to observe her in laws operating this business she realized how beautiful and authentic the tea industry of Nepal was.

Mrs. Saria observed that maximum of Nepalese tea gets exported to India and then is resold as Darjeeling Tea. She wanted to break this negative norm because she has seen and understood the hardworking farmers of Nepal who were being subjugated and how their art of farming tea was being undermined. With this motive to change, she decided to launch authentic Nepalese products of tea  with the initiation of ‘Golden Peak Tea’.

About Golden Peak Tea

Golden Peak Tea, brings to you a vivid variety of organic tea with the aim of promoting a healthier lifestyle among the people of Nepal. The tea products from Golden Peak tea will not only provide enhanced flavor to the customers giving a unique pleasure to their consumers but also will do good for their health in a subtle manner. And until today, the addiction of tea which is considered awful will now yield beautiful results as people will want to drink healthier tea more and more and in increased quantities.

The range of tea products that Golden Peak Tea provides acts as its unique selling point itself. They have unique tea products like ‘Restful Sleep Tea’ which has ingredients like chamomile and lavender in it which have no side-effects towards the body but help people with insomnia reduce their anxiety and sleep better.

They also offer other various range of tea products like Herbal Teas which includes Chamomile Tea, Mint rose Tea etc. Likewise, they have a varied range of green tea products like White Tea, Gold Tea.

They have around 50 different varieties of tea today and in future they look forward to enriching this variety by adding better newer products.


According to Mrs. Saria, the scariest part of her entrepreneurial journey was that she was introducing a niche category of product and she was unaware of how customers would react to it. She however, had a hunch that she could turn the tables for better and hence she jumped into the ocean of risks and has now well learnt how to swim in her entrepreneurial role.

Response from Customers

The new range of products has increased to almost 50 varieties of tea. There sale has increased from 200 cups to 200,000 cups within a very short span of time which portrays the positive response of the customers towards the products. The younger generation as the target market of this organic range of products is becoming more and more health conscious and this has worked wonders for the progress of the company.

Future Plans

They have now entered the gift market too with creation of curated tea boxes which people could exchange wishing for better health of each other. The team of Mrs. Saria believes that during the festive season, the trend of exchanging sweet boxes is becoming old fashioned and an unhealthy choice because they only tend to detoriate a person’s health while these healthy tea products will showcase exchange of love promoting healthy and mental wellbeing among all.

Also, by exporting this unique range of tea products to countries outside Nepal, they want to show people Nepal’s happy story.


According to Mrs. Saria, when you believe that you can create a worth out of something, you should try it. Risks are always going to be there but embracing of risks is what makes you an entrepreneur. If we can portray and expose our authentic Nepalese products to the world, we excel not only as entrepreneurs but also as Nepali.

By: Mahima Poddar

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