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Rendezvous with the Far-Western Nepal: Dupka, Doteli Sekuwa and Tawa Makai


When we talk about Nepali food, it’s the usual Dal Bhat, MO:MO, Selroti, Yomari, etc. that steals the limelight. However, Nepal cannot enrich your culinary journey with only these food items, but also with the unique far western cuisine with its authenticity. Last week, on my visit to Dupka, I got to experience the celebration of local food culture that blended with the Kathmanduites setting perfectly.


Established on New Year Day of 2069, it has been mainly serving the dishes that are cooked in almost every house of far western Nepal with the same authenticity and from the experienced chefs. The local food like Dupka, Doteli sekuwa, Tawa makai, Maada, Makai ko roti, Batuk among others are served here along with Indian, Chinese and Continental food. Its ambience also reflects the rich lifestyle and culture of people. From starters to main course, Dupka is sure to make your appetite voracious.

Tawa Makai is one of the most served starters here. It is a sweet corn recipe and is cooked in butter with chopped onion, garlic, ginger, timur and a pinch of salt. It is sautéd in Tawa (Pan) for a few minutes and is served with a hint of lemon and coriander as a garnish. The soft and slightly crisp tawa makai will surely make your taste buds dance with its simple yet delighting flavor.


Up next is the Doteli sekuwa. As I write this, I am sure all of you visualized chicken/mutton barbecue served with a regular tomato chutney. But it’s different here. The chicken is marinated for three to four hours in spices first and then is barbecued in tawa that adds unique flavors in its making. Added to this, the hand blended spices set it piquant. The tender and soft chicken is served with a mint and green-chilly chutney. The lemon juice makes the flavor tangy while and the smoked aroma along with the essence of mustard oil makes you dig into another plate of sekuwa. The taste is absolutely mouthwatering.


Dupka is another very famous dish that forms part of the main course and the name of the restaurant is also derived from this very name. It can be cooked from different types of dal viz. moong dal, chana dal, bodi, etc. The dal dumplings are made by soaking dal overnight, blending it into a paste and then by deep frying. It is then cooked in curd mixture and spices are added to make it tasteful.

In a nutshell, Dupka is a family restaurant that presents Far Western Nepal in Kathmandu in a palatable way. Located in Baneshwor, the restaurant also has a bar that serves organic and fresh flavors. You will surely relish the food journey here!

By Anusha Kadel