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Scope of Bachelors in Social Work in Nepal


As the options of educational courses are rising in Nepal, Bachelors in Social Works (BSW) is starting to look like an amazing course for the students. This three year course prepares the student for entry-level practices in the field of social work and makes them capable to progress people’s lives.

Pramod Shah, Founder and Chairperson of Dibyabhumi Multiple College shares about the scope of BWS in Nepal for those who are looking forward to join the course. He is a firm believer of “basic education and health for everyone” and has worked in projects with many NGOs for social reforms since 2010. He has taught more than 30 education institution including schools, colleges and universities.

Mr. Pramod Shah

Why students prefer BSW these days? 

Pramod Shah: Bachelors in Social Work is easier than any other subject. The fee structure is lower than any other subject. It is a technical course as it includes practical classes providing students with real life example. BSW comprises of 60% of theory and 40% of practical which not only focuses on giving knowledge but also makes a student skilled. While other professions have limitations and can’t work in diverse fields, students studying BSW have the skills necessary to be involved in many different fields. BSW also offers majors and minors to subjects which prepares a graduate to work on various fields as per their interest.

What can students expect to learn?

Pramod Shah: Many different colleges have different courses. Divyabhumi Multiple Campus provides exposures to students leading them to experience in wider level. Student are equipped with certificates from skills like proficient English, French language (which is in-listed in UN prioritized language), Digital designing, Video editing, Creative thinking, Social entrepreneurship, Creative writing, Proposal writing, etc. They are all certified by Coursera and are learning materials by joining Digital Class: MOOC Class. The students can boast a resume with not only a Bachelor’s degree from TU but also can brag many small term course and skills affiliated from many US universities. Students can also expect Internship Placement and will be given 2 years of experience in reputed organization while graduating.

What employment opportunity holds for BSW graduates?

Pramod Shah: BSW graduates can work as country representatives, CSR officers in banks, NGO/INGO, UN agencies, corporate house, public service commission, etc. as almost any organization needs one BSW/MSW graduate.Students can enter into a variety of job opportunity. Mostly all students are employed. Plan international. Skillshare international, Sipradi Trading, AYON, CWIN, Habitat concern, etc are recruiting graduates. Intern agencies recruit interns and provide students with further employment. Many organizations visit colleges and offer students according to their evaluation and requirements, some students even approach foreign education and get employed on the basis of their merits. Some even chose to be social entrepreneurs.

Your message to enthusiast

Pramod Shah: Success comes from experiences. Experiences comes from good and bad experiences. Learn lesson and get inspired from bad experiences. Stay focused and work hard, you can excel in any field.

By: Sampada Dahal