Staying Up All Night? You Need To Stop Being A Night Owl Because Of These 7 Things That Can Happen The Next Day


    Love binge-watching the latest series online, gaming, chatting with your partner, or probably just staying up doing nothing all night? If yes, you are officially a night owl. While it might sound like a good idea to stay up late and catch up on pending stuff, it takes a toll on you the next day. If like us, you cannot get yourself to sleep before 2 am, you will relate to these situations.

    1. You will feel irritated and moody all day and might keep yelling at everyone for no reason.

    Thanks to barely a few hours of sleep, you will experience mood swings all day long. Even the smallest remark from your folks or friends can get you to snap. The best thing you can do here is to try to get through the day and then get to bed early at night.

    2. You will need copious amount of coffee the next day.

    Just because caffeine can at least keep you awake! Your brain will try shutting down right when you need it to work. Still, sometimes even an espresso won’t work because all you need is sleep, not more coffee.

    3. You might end up yawning non-stop in the middle of your office presentation, and get into trouble with your boss.

    Please avoid this scenario at least when your appraisals are approaching. Instead of getting embarrassed like that, just pop in some mint and try to focus on the presentation.

    4. You might miss waking up on time (after snoozing your alarm clock a million times), and get late for work.

    That little alarm clock is trying to do you good, but still, you obviously cannot pull yourself from the bed because your brain wants to sleep more. Snoozing it repeatedly will only be troublesome for you, so maybe you either sleep early or get a dumbbell alarm clock that won’t stop till you do 20 reps. Now, which one sounds better?

    5. Your concentration will go for a toss and you might end up muddling things.

    Well, thinking straight can become quite a challenge in this scenario! You never know when you might end up walking into a pole or sending the wrong mail to the wrong client. You might literally need to keep pinching yourself all day to keep yourself awake.

    6. You’ll feel really lazy even during an interesting activity like eating.

    Even when your friends drag you enthusiastically outside to your favourite restaurant, you might just feel way too tired to enjoy it.

    7. You will spend the rest of the day dreaming of your bed.

    Well, this is that one constant thought you will be having all day long! YOUR BED SWEET BED.

     You can avoid getting into all this if you just sleep right. Though you might feel that sleeping is the most non-productive activity, it is the surely the most important one for your body! Nevertheless, just sleeping isn’t enough, it should be good sleep!

    Check out how sleep deprived you really are. Use the Sleep-O-Meter at to get your Sleep Score. Get tips on how to develop a regular sleeping pattern and make sleep your ally. Sleep better to live better! The sleep@10 initiative aims to spread awareness about the importance of good sleep for your mental & physical well being. Watch this video to know more.

    So, just get into your bed with a comfortable pillow and blanket and sleep away from 10pm-6am peacefully.

    By Linda Pearlson