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Sushila Singh’s Blissful art via ‘Cosmic Shades’


Kathmandu, September 8, 2017: Cosmic Shades, a solo art exhibition by Sushila Singh, is showcasing 32 pen and ink sketches at Aaju Art Gallery in Sherpa Mall, Durbarmarg.

Cosmic Shades is her second exhibition of this kind using black ink on white paper to showcase the rich cultural heritages of Nepal. Her sketches are not mere lines and length motions but a piece of her heart which soulfully feels for the heritages of Nepal. The sketches are in the forms of historical images- jatra, mandir, toran, rakshak or any details crafted on walls, doors, and gates and surrounding of architectural heritages. She aims to preserve the beautiful heritages of Nepal through her art after the threats posed by earthquake 2015.

Singh relates the pen and ink sketches with the positive energy of cosmic shades. Very fascinated by the cosmic universe and its energy, Singh says the name ‘Cosmic Shades’ comes with her personal take on the infinite universe. The beauty of her sketches comes with those fine lines which don’t have edges yet it delivers to the viewers the apt space for imagination and interpretation.

One can’t stop staring at her sketches because each one of them comprises of so many elements that you discover by and by as you keep gazing. Little by little, the black dots and tiny scribbles form a line and thousands of those lines form an element, which again combines to form one beautiful sketch. It is obvious that the artwork did require a lot of patience and focus to make it one symbolic masterpiece.

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Art is like a rainbow, so pretty and colorful even through black lines

Having learned art from Babu Raja Dyola and also during her academic career in Lalit Shikshya Academy and TU, the young artist believes art is a magical creation which comes from within. “Art for me is a total bliss. My source of living is happiness which comes through art. I don’t do art to please others; I do art to please myself. There is a miraculous connection between art and me; hence, art is my soul,” expressed Singh.

Pen and ink sketching is her favorite form of sketch as she believes she can express herself the best through this medium than any other medium. Singh opined, “Art is like a rainbow for me. I don’t need paint and colors to discover its’ beauty. Even through black lines and dots, I can see the colors, so pretty and fascinating.”

‘Inspiration from my own time and space’
Sushila Singh

Singh shared her insights, “People tell me I have chosen the right field for myself i.e. art. Art is something that doesn’t see age, gender or any distinction. Art is something that I can do sitting on my rooftop even at the age of 90 when my skin has withered and my body has become fragile. Art is something that I can continue forever. I get a calling from within that inspires me to do art. And, the combination of time and space I live in also encourages me to observe, think and jot it down in the form of dots and lines.”

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The exhibition is ongoing till September 10th, 2017.

By Drishti Maharjan