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The Winner’s Articulation

The world has seen a total of hundred and seven billion faces till date but it remembers only a few of them. It remembers those few who tried to make the world a better place, who tried to uplift society, nation, and world as a whole! We must always take into account that trying is the first step. It is ‘try’ that changes ‘I cannot do it’ into ‘I might do it’ and ‘finally I did it’.

Me and few of my friends tried to bring a change and be the change two years ago, thus ‘Teenage Society of Nepal’ came into life. This article will not be about what I have done or who I am because after I won the title of Glocal Teen Hero 2017, there are numerous articles about my works posted with a picture of me carrying the winner’s trophy but very few people know what it took me to reach there. This article will be about the trail I created and walked to be what I am today.

The night of September 1, I took the award, gave a speech and waited for few photos on the stage and then walked down. The way down was accompanied with new faces shaking hands congratulating me and taking photographs. It felt as if the night was mine. In between all this emotion and happy feelings, there was a vivid flashback striking my mind.

Sachin Dangi being awarded Glocal Teen Hero 2017


A year ago, in the last seat of microbus traveling to my scout class, I asked myself, “I turned my friends down for a futsal match and I am here going to scout class on a Saturday. After I finish the class I need to help collect books to make a new library in a school far from the town, by the time I reach my home, my only day off in the entire week would be over and on top of that, I even had not had my lunch. From tomorrow I need to go to school and the same routine all over again, next Saturday I again need to go to make a library. Is this all worth it? I can go the easy way of going to movies or sleeping throughout the day and enjoy my day off, why am I even out of home with a hungry stomach and doing something else?” But it was during this time that a vibe roared and told me, ‘If not me, who else? If everyone was to follow regular works and try nothing extra how would the world be better? It shall always remain the same, the couch potatoes always complaining about the world and system, always the riots and chaos in the news.’ So, yes, I felt it was worth it and to make the world better it was a big “I” needed, followed by a wider “WE”. Thus, I started off the change within myself and Teenage Society of Nepal did it as ‘we’.


Suddenly, someone asked me if he could take photograph with me which ended my flashback, I said yes and looked towards the camera and smiled, not because it was a compulsion but because I realized whatever I did back then was worth it. Though people did not know what I was doing then, now they know and are willing to be part of it. That photograph from the award night is still my favorite.  The lesson here is during inception you might feel your efforts might not be worth it, but always remember it will come around someday and be happy that you at least tried to make the world a better place to live in.


As a kid in primary school, I brought home books about astronomy just to look at the mesmerizing pictures inside. I showed it to my dad and told him I was going to be like the person in the photo. Years apart now, I still feel the same. The only difference is, back then I wanted to be an astronomer but now I want to be a physicist.  I followed what I loved, I kept consistency and now I am a fresh high school graduate and already am a young member of The New York Academy of Sciences even though I have never been to NY. The gist here is you need to find an area of interest and keep consistency to get success. Sometimes, success takes a long time to come but always remember it is always waiting for you at the end of the dark tunnel that has many ups and downs in between. Thus, set your goal, stay consistent and stay focused.

My major field of interest is science and society and I think I have mentioned in short about both of them above. This is the collection of few words I wanted to share with others who wanted to hear from the winner of Glocal teen hero 2017. Apologies if this turned out to be informal but every single word here is said from inner core of my heart.

Few more things I would love to add are: there are two ways to be a hero. One is the way you look which is the default and next is the work you do which depends upon you. With due respect to all the body builders out there, neither six packs nor an above average looking face, but I still made my journey so far and am entitled as GLOCAL TEEN HERO 2017. To keep this hero alive within me, I need to stay consistent and stay focused, that I will. Meanwhile, I want other heroes to step up. Find that hero within you, develop the feeling that the world is ‘OURS’ and ‘WE’ need to develop it together. If you want any help, I shall always be there for you.

By Sachin Dangi