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The Youth Talks: Aspiration for Migration and Entrepreneurship


The youth talks have just completed 5th episode successfully.  It was on the topic “Today’s Youth Aspirations for Migration and Entrepreneurship” with Mr. Dila Kharel a young entrepreneur from Sydney, Australia. He has been running a financial advisory firm there.

“We have been receiving messages thanking us for creating these opportunities and also requests for doing sessions on different topics, I and my team are excited to take this to the next level, we have been reaching to thousands of young minds with our works hope the number gets higher and we can motivate and inspire more people” – said the head of operations Rhythm Sah.

This session was focused on discussing why overseas education and job opportunities are preferred more than those available in Nepal and what should be the exact mindset of the youth while thinking about overseas education and job opportunities. We also discussed the opportunities available here and the problems the youth has.

The following were the questions along with the answers:

Why overseas education and job opportunities has become a target of so many people?

I will speak on the basis of my experience with this question. People who think they will go out and study and achieve things that might not be possible in Nepal is a very good thought. You are thinking of making yourself equipped with knowledge and skills which is a great thing. But at the same time while leaving your country, leave in a way that doesn’t harm a country. If you leave with a positive country with a positive mindset of becoming a better version of yourself and giving back that’s very positive, but at the same time leaving with a negative mindset that my country has nothing, I will never return back is not acceptable and if this is the case you need to rethink.

What do you think about investing and studying in Nepal? What are the differences in doing so overseas and here?

While talking about education Nepal has done better than the global standards in some fields. The problem is from the government when we compare education system of Nepal with other countries the degree of systematization is very poor. But quality courses in a lot of courses are better than that of overseas.

Talking about the investment it’s the right time to invest in Nepal as it’s developing in every sector. The young people don’t have to just invest cash but along with that skill and ideas is what needs to be invested. We need to get rid of the mindset that only money is important for starting a business. And from the government level, they need to help with startup capitals, enterprise development. Talking about the developed countries the government invests in the startup capital. But in Nepal, small scale business with the investment of knowledge and skill has great scope.

What should be the mindset while returning to Nepal and should one return or not?

Well after gaining the experience, skills, knowledge, and capital, one should search for the right time and opportunity to return for sure. And 90% of people outside Nepal want to return back and want to develop the country and have been helping Nepal in one form or the other. The youth needs to set up and take the stewardship for this to happen. This generation has to break the ice and bring the changes we all have wanted and deserve.

It was a 55-minute session and if you are from age group 15-35, you can watch it. The session is available at facebook.com/rhythmsahofficial.