Traffic lights in the valley to be repaired and reused

by Glocal Khabar 619 views0

Kathmandu, May 18, 2018: The Department of Roads is planning to repair the traffic lights and install them at various junctions of the Kathmandu Valley. The traffic lights have now been out of service for a long time.

The move comes after the traffic lights at New Baneshwor and Maharajgunj were successfully reused after repair. After receiving the directive from the cabinet, the department had brought the traffic lights into operation after repairing.

Earlier, the Department had tried to install an ‘intelligent traffic control system’ with the financial and technical support from Asian Development Bank. However the bid was a failure due to various reasons.

The department is planning to spend a total of 2 million for repairing the traffic lights at more than 20 locations of the Valley.