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WATCH: Pakistan’s Chaiwala makes his debut in music video

Pakistan’s dreamy, blue-eyed chaiwala Arshad Khan is back to rule your heart with his music video debut

November 30, 2016: Not very long ago, Netizens had a good time collectively crushing over Pakistan’s blue-eyed chaiwala, Arshad Khan. After his pictures went viral on the Internet, thanks to the brooding look he gave the camera with his intensely clear eyes, the world has been keeping close tabs on his life graph. Within days of becoming an Internet sensation, Khan had landed his first modelling contract! Now, he’s got his first music video.

The super-cool rap music video is very predictably called – Chaiwala! The song is in fact all about the Internet’s favourite chaiwala, his good looks, and how he has everyone swooning all over him. Sung by the Pakistani band Lil Mafia Mundeer’s Sid Mr Rapper and DJ Danny, it has been produced by Studio87 Records. The peppy number has been widely covered by the Pakistani media and has been uploaded on multiple social media platforms as well.

Khan’s ‘career graph’ has been on a steep rise ever since his sudden discovery. Following the modelling contract, he even appeared on TV shows such as Good Morning Pakistan, where he got yet another makeover that lead to hearts melting all over again. If that wasn’t enough, Khan made his runway debut at the recently concluded Bridal Couture Week in Lahore, as showstopper for Ziggi Menswear, a UK-based menswear brand that specialises in making groomswear for “the modern Majaraja”.

Well, looks like the Pakistani Chaiwala is well on his way towards a stellar career in the entertainment and fashion industry.

Check out this music video with Khan in and as Chaiwala.