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Youth Influence Talk:Connect Youths with Successful Stories


Chitwan, January 22, 2019: Youth Influence Talk that took place on January 19, 2019 at hotel Ashoka was a program based on interaction between well recognized personalities. Radha Poudel who is a social worker as well as a nurse lead over the first round of discussion. She was also the winner of Madan Puraskar.In this session she shared her success stories and the challenges she faced to reach her target.

Moreover, it is a discussion which was organized with a motive of inspiring young youths and people. The benefit of youth influence talk is that it helps one to identify self skills and potentials. It helps people clear their vision so that they can come up with more new ideas and creative concepts. They have schedule 6 episode for this year.The participants were given time to discuss with renowned personalities so that they can upgrade their personality and work as a team.