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Youths Build Libraries and Computer Labs in Village Schools


Kathmandu, May 18, 2016: ONE Youth, an organization established by a group of energetic and passionate students in Kathmandu recently built libraries and computer labs in schools in rural Nepal.

Seeing the inequality and injustice in education and other sectors in society, the organization founded just one year ago started a project, Educational Infrastructure Development (EID), intended to benefit children in rural areas and one among the series to help the disadvantaged community and those lacking the basic facilities that school children in other parts of the nation are enjoying.


Sorting Books


As part of the project, the members in the organization worked extensively to collect books and donations from various educational and other institutions and personalities.

After collecting and managing books and computers enough to build libraries and computer labs each in two village schools, they moved to the intended villages in the Kavrepalanchok district with a dream to facilitate and contribute to change the lives of children in these schools who were lacking all the needed infrastructure for modern and competitive education.

As part of the project, the organization built a library with more than 800 textual and non-textual books focused for primary level children in Janajagriti Primary School in Sharping-08, Urlini, in the district on May 13. At the same time, they also provided the school with two computers where these computers were the first to be seen in the village.


Donating Computers


Along with these, the group also provided the students there with stationeries like copies, pens, pencils, erasers, etc. and the same to the school administration.




The group also conducted a one-day long life skills training to primary level students in the school incorporating games and fun activities as part of the session.

The next day, the group moved to Bhummlutaar, another VDC in the district to build a standard library at Shree Prakash Higher Secondary School where they managed to build a well-stuffed library with books numbering more than 2000, aimed at children to aged people.

They also set up a computer lab with 4 computers in the school and donated stationery in that school to 40 students and the school administration.


Computer lab


Jasper Neupane, President in the organization conducted a team building and leadership workshop for secondary level students while Susmita Adhikari conducted life skills trainings to those studying at primary level. At the end of these sessions, smiles and satisfaction could be seen in the students’ faces with these life-skills benefitting them in their life ahead, no matter how small it was.

prakash Hss


The Result of the project, two entire villages rejoicing for their first library and a computer lab.



Group Photo


Seeing the happiness in the eyes of these children after completion of the programme, Neupane remarked, “We will be going ahead with even more energy and passion in the days to come. The success of this project has challenged and motivated us to do much better next time.”