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Youths discuss global trends and emerging issues in Rashtriya MUN


Understanding the challenges faced by the wider world to act as effective global citizens.

Kathmandu, July 31, 2017: Rashtriya MUN, held in the town from 28-30 July 2017, concluded yesterday with the closing ceremony at Park Village Resort, Budhanilkantha. The program was being organized to provide a platform for young people to learn what is going on around the globe and the issues that will ultimately shape the future, and develop their capabilities in critical thinking, research and debate. The model simulates the United Nations forum itself, with each student representing a country in the debate over a range of issues.

A total of six committees: The Security Council, SOCHUM (in Nepali), UNHRC, UNHCR, UNDP and ECOFIN had formal committee sessions for the first two days ending with a delegate dance party at Asia Institute of Technology and Management, Khumaltar. The closing event at Park Village Resort featured some musical performances and an award ceremony for the delegates.

Chaired by Pawan Acharya, the Security Council, featuring dual delegation on the agenda ‘The Situation in South Sudan’, discussed the current crisis prevailing in South Sudan. The committee eventually resolved to a unanimous resolution for establishing permanent peace and security in South Sudan.

Presided by Gopal Sonthaliya, SOCHUM (the only Nepali committee), discussed the agenda of conservation and re-construction of heritage sites in war and conflict-hit regions. An issue very close to the developing nations as per the theme of Rashtriya MUN, the committee entertained discussions on various issues revolving around cultural heritages and sought for the solutions for their maintenance and renovation.

UNHRC, chaired by Ishan Katwal, addressed the prevalent problems of labor rights and worker migration in developing nations and drafting resolutions aiming to uplift their current status.

Similarly, UNHCR, chaired by Anuka Pokharel, addressing the ethnic cleansing in Bhutan, saw heated debates between countries with different stances on the issue of Bhutanese refugees.

Chaired by Pukar Bhattarai, UNDP, in the agenda ‘Developing Democratic Governance through Expanding Access to Justice’, sought ways to uplift democratic governance and address the social issues of developing countries.

Meanwhile, ECOFIN, chaired by Bishesh Bajracharya (also the Secretary General), revolved around the agenda ‘The prospects of foreign direct investments and micro credit financing in developing nations’, entertained discussions to create a secured finance in developing nations.

All the committees, under the mandate of UN charter, looked for common grounds between nations on various issues. Followed by formal debates in moderated caucuses and informal discussions and lobbying during un-moderated caucuses, the session was adjourned after passing a resolution each to resolve the respective issues. For refreshments, there were ‘Motions of Entertainment’ to lighten the heated atmosphere during the committee hours.

The closing ceremony awarded delegates on the categories: Best Delegate/Delegation, Outstanding Delegate, Special Mention, Commendable Delegate, Best Position Paper and Verbal Mentions from each committee. The Best Delegate/Delegation was awarded to Niharika Pant & Rincheen Sherpa (Russia, Security Council), Saughat Raj Joshi (Pakistan, UNDP), Abhinav Singh Thapa (Chad, UNHRC), Pragyan Acharya (USA, UNHCR), Sagar Parajuli (Nepal, SOCHUM), Sanghamitra Subba (Hungary, ECOFIN). The event was followed by encouraging speeches from the Dais Members and the lead organizers regarding their journey of Rashtriya MUN.

On a concluding note, Bishesh Bajracharya, the Secretary General of Rashtriya MUN 2017, stated, “The first edition of Rashtriya MUN was unique in different aspects and I hope each of you have experienced enormous growth during this process. As MUN not only polishes your debating and diplomatic skills but also helps you create bonds that last a lifetime, I really hope that everyone will continue their MUN journey in the future.”

Photographs: Rashtriya Model United Nation

By Drishti Maharjan