20 years old Saroj get Rs. 81,000 funding to develop Mini Aircraft

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Chitwan, March 25, 2018:20 years old, Saroj Chepang, who had the aspiration to develop his dream project new aircraft, has been funded 81,000 rupees by Chitwan Youth Group of Doha, Qatar and handed over on Saturday.  He was raised in a small village committee Piple, Chitwan, Nepal has developed a project called “Mini Aircraft”.

Saroj invented “Para-motor” before which flew in the air for 40 minutes during the test flight on March 18, 2018.

The funded amount was remitted to Saroj through the Chitwan Youth Group International Coordination Committee, Nepal from Doha, Qatar.

that was helped to Saroj on Saturday was the latest support by Chitwan Youth Group, Doha, Qatar which was remitted to him. The Group collected a total amount of Rs. 81,000.

Saroj has completed only sixth grade of school but his creative idea thought is beyond the degree. Chepang has consistently invested around Rs. 500,000 in his development project “Mini aircraft”.

As seen Chepang’s hard work previously, Rapti Municipality committed a support of Rs 80,000 as he is the resident of Rapti Municipality-2 and FOBS College had also imparted Rs 10,000 to him.

Photo source- Rato Pati