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6 must-have accessories to keep you fashionable and monsoon-ready!


Keep yourself ahead of the trend with our monsoon style guide.

June 30, 2017: You might love watching the pitter patter outside your window, but the rain can be a real pain when you have to step out.

During the monsoon, dressing up for every outing in an innovative way can get really difficult. That’s when accessories can come to your rescue. You could reuse the same outfit by just accessorising it differently and bag yourself all the compliments!

Here are 5 accessories that could add to your style quotient and are absolutely must-haves for this monsoon:

1. Rain saviours

You can create a style statement with the ultimate rain saviours- raincoats and umbrellas. Opt for colourful, printed or frilly umbrellas to combat the gloomy weather. You can also choose a transparent umbrella and add your own imaginative print to it by checking out a few DIY videos available online. Select fluorescent, poncho style or see through PVC raincoats to jazz up your outfit during this season. Choose raincoats with detachable hoods to keep it versatile.

2. Shoes

It is quite a daunting task to maintain a balance between keeping your feet clean and protected and to look stylish during rain. Ditch those plastic sandals and canvas shoes. Pick up flip flops, rainboots or crocs this season. Avoid wearing closed pumps. Look for rough grained leather incase you are finding formal shoes as they give more protection. Choose from plastic, perspex or patent leather as they are more reliable.

3. Scarves

Scarves are a perfect substitute to dupattas. You can save yourself from the hassle of handling a dupatta during this weather and should rather prefer a scarf. Scarves are the perfect adornment to any outfit. Scarves can also come handy if you are feeling cold during times of heavy rainfall. Cotton, chiffon or mulmul scarves are perfect for monsoon.

4. Bags

5. Waterproof phone covers

Invest in a good waterproof mobile cover to enjoy the rain without damaging your phone. From arm bands to dry bags, there are several options available for waterproof mobile cases.

6. Watches

Watches are an essential to everyone’s daily life. Don’t forget to buy a waterproof watch for yourself to save it from getting spoilt this season. A good watch can give your outfit a different look altogether! A good water resistant watch will be lightweight and have an anti reflective face.

Other than these options, girls can also wear light weight earrings and chokers to add to your statement.