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Solving your Online Media Ad Management: AdMana Technology


AdMana Network is a Digital Ad network company that offers performance-based solutions for advertisers i.e. companies and media networks in the country. They have the expertise of leveraging the digital landscape for brands and businesses to reach their marketing goals and they combine creativity, strategy, technology, and analytics to launch impactful campaigns for the brands that they work for.

We interviewed the Co-founder of Admana Technology Mr.Dipesh Khetan and below are the conversation that we had with him.

1. What is Admana Technology?

There is a huge number of online media like News, sports, entertainment, Education portals, etc. Companies are giving ads in a huge number of portals too. But having difficulty in managing the ads and analyzing the performance of the portals, leading to higher cost and less effectiveness of the ads.

There are cases where banner ads are displayed in computers but not visible in the mobile view. Similarly, ads are displayed only in a few pages of the portal where there might not be enough visibility as well. These are just a fraction of the issues they are facing.

To solve this a startup AdMana Technology, a “Digital Ad Network Platform” software is developed and has successfully managed 200+ online portals. We do a half-yearly/ yearly contract and manage online portals for the companies. We have been managing this for multiple clients successfully.

2. How did you come up with an idea for this company? What is the story behind its initiation?

When I was pursuing my high school degree, I made a cashback website. Since my college days, I had an idea about web portal and Ad Networks. So, we want to bring Ad Network in Nepal because we thought it was the right time. Then, we built our own software and started digital marketing in Nepal.

We are lacking behind in Technology when it comes to Digital Marketing. We need new technologies to sustain in the market. As we felt the need, we started Admana Technology.

3. What is the legal status of your company’s development? What is success?

Founded 2 Years ago, we now serve 1.5 Crores views per month and 12 to 15 lakhs unique viewers, which is very high and growing every month.

4. What are the goals and features of Admana Technology?

Our goal is to deliver the best advertising services. We continue to find the most advanced solutions to keep up with fast-paced consumers and the ever-changing nature of the Internet. Whether you’re an advertiser who wants to reach more customers or a publisher who needs to earn extra revenue, AdMana has the solution for you.

The best part of our technology is Pay per view charging mechanism. The Advertisers are charged only when the ad is viewed, helping them save cost. We do not have banner text size restrictions unlike Google and Facebook, which helps advertisers give most of the information to the audience. Advertisers and publishers can easily login online and check all their data instantly. They can analyze their campaign performance as well through online dashboard. Moreover, Advertisers can target their customers according to their requirement. We also have GIF Banner rather than JPG banner where advertisers can display moveable GIF banners which helps them to give more information on the ad helping them achieve their goals.

Moreover, anyone having websites and apps can easily start generation ad income through this platform. They can simply signup as a publisher on the website AdMana.Net and paste the code on their website received from their dashboard. Payments will be made directly to their Bank Account in Nepal.

5. How is the revenue generated in your company?

We take advertisers. We put a certain percent to ourselves and pay the publisher. We have an operating margin.

6. What are the challenges you faced with your startup?

I have seen people are not adaptable to the new technology. Even if the technology has unique features, the cost-effective, low-cost products being introduced, within incorporates there are three four-level of approvals. Only a few people understand and it gets difficult in convincing other people even if the product is cost-effective. So, it is a major issue.

Another issue is people don’t want to spend on digital platforms. People have a misconception regarding digitalization. People understand Facebook but there are lot more features inside Facebook which gets unnoticed by the people and it is what we are offering. However, those companies who have ideas about social marketing are with us and they are doing multiple campaigns with us being our multiple clients.

7. Who is the targeted customer?

We are a platform and we do have 1.5 million unique users. Our client can be anyone. With our technology, anyone can put advertisements and promote their products. But currently, we are focusing on corporate clients of small-medium enterprises, their marketing, and branding.

8. How many employees are working on your team?

We have around 11 dedicated team members working with us.

9. What are your future plans?

Our future plan is to add more software and create more clients. We have around 20 clients like Bajaj, World Link, IME Pay, NIC Asia, etc. We want to have more clients in the day to come. We do have a tie-up with 200 websites. We aim to increase this number to 500+ by the end of 2020. We are working to increase our impression too. We get around 2 crore impressions within a month currently in our system. We want to increase that range by 2 times.

AdMana Website Link: https://www.admana.net/