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6th Series of Udhyami Bhetghat concludes


The sixth edition of Udhyami Bhetghat, organized by King’s college in association with Entrepreneur Development Centre (EDC), Biruwa Ventures and Smart Tech was successfully held at King’s College. Following the previous sessions on Agriculture, Education, Tourism, Energy, and Social Enterprise, this event was themed on Small and Medium Scale Enterprise (SMEs). Accompanied by policy makers business personnel, stakeholders, investors, farmers and students; this event was intended to promote collaboration and networking for entrepreneurs.

The main goal of this event was to bring emerging and experienced entrepreneurs to expand their professional networks and to share their knowledge and experience about their journey of entrepreneurship. This event was mainly focused on the present scenario of cottage and small scale industries and their possibilities.

Dr. Laxman Pun, Chief Technical Advisor at Micro Enterprises Development Program says “Micro Enterprise is a tiny business but collectively it can be big.“ He showed his main concern on immobilization of resources and ineffective trade plan and policies. Reflecting on the fact that entrepreneurship is a human characteristic that can be created and developed, he focused on educating and training those with lower economic status.

Ms. Sunita Nhemaphuki Khanal, Editor of “Krishak and Pravidhi” magazine says “The main spirit of entrepreneur is not to feel small in doing any job.” She added that the problems of local entrepreneurs are not being addressed by the government in policy making level.

Furthermore, participants shared their knowledge and experience on their journey of entrepreneurship. The event ended by an informal networking and get together session among the participants.

Reported by: Shreya Sangraoula, Suman Pandey

Photo By: Sazjan Neupane



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