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7 Wonders Water Park & Resort: A Disneyland in Seven-Lake City Pokhara


A new state of the art Water Park and Resort has come into operation nearby Begnas Lake in Lekhnath, Kaski.

Spread over 8 ropanis of land, the resort complex houses two spectacular swimming pools, water slides, lunch bar and restaurant, and a conference hall with seating capacity of 100 people. The complex came into operation some six months ago, and is to be designed in a similar way like Kathmandu Fun Valley (Bhaktapur) and Whoopee Land Amusement and Water Park (Chovar), in a near future and make it a model amusement park in Pokhara.

And, the man behind the entire project is none other than 21 years old youth, Arjun Bhandari, who had long aspired to be an entrepreneur, and opening a resort was his dream project.

Arjun Bhandari, Founder, 7 Wonders Water Park & Resort

“There are many water parks and resorts in the core city of Pokhara. But, Lekhnath, which is also an important tourism hub in Kaski district, is lacking on that front. We started this water park with a vision to develop tourism in the area,” says Bhandari.

Bhandari had launched the dream project after studying about its scope in the area for about two years.

The materials for water slides was imported from the USA, and an engineer from America itself had been to Pokhara to set the structure.

But, Bhandari is not from the hospitality background. He is currently studying B.Sc. Microbiology in the fourth year at Prithvi Narayan Campus, Pokhara.

The resort was born out of his passion for business and entrepreneurship.

“In the context of Nepal, it’s only doctors, pilots and engineers who are considered as professionals. But, entrepreneurship is also a profession. And, it’s not that you must study business to be a businessperson. If you have an innovative idea and can execute is, you can be an entrepreneur,” says Bhandari.

“Pokhara is known as the city of seven lakes. So, we borrowed ‘7’ from the same to name the company as ‘7 Wonders Water Park & Resort’,” Bhandari shared in a conversation to Glocal Khabar.

The tentative investment of resort stands at nine crore rupees, out of which, five crores has already been invested. Bhandari got a lot of support from his family on bringing the project into reality.

“We have made the resort with cutting-edge architecture, and the facilities that are not available in any other resorts in Pokhara, including water slides,” says Bhandari. “We get visitors from as far as Damauli (Tanahu district), including the local Lekhanath people and the visitors from other area of Pokhara. The six months of operation so far has been wonderful. As many as 300 people on average have been visiting the resort on weekends. In this short duration of 6 months, we have already served more than 2000 visitors,” he adds.

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Many programs have already been organized at the conference hall of the resort.

Currently, the resort has provided employment to 10 people. When the project gets completed, the resort plans to employ dozens more staffs at the facility.

As the project is a new concept in Lekhnath area, it’s challenging, as well as enjoying. The market is just emerging. The craze towards this type of business is on the rise. It everything goes as planned, we are sure it will turn out to be an exemplary business in Pokhara.
– Arjun Bhandari

The Ambitious BIG Dream

We have planned to develop Lekhnath as a tourism city, and the flow of tourists is on the rise. Almost all banks have their branches at Talchowk, where ‘7 Wonders’ is situated. Lekhnath is becoming a business as well as a tourism hub. If everything goes as planned, we can make it not only the hub of Lekhnath, but also from around Pokhara.

7 Wonders Water Park and Resort

As there are no such weekend spots like Kathmandu Fun Valley, Whoopee Land, and Kathmandu Fun Park in Pokhara region, we have a big dream to take this project to that level and develop ‘7 Wonders’ as a model amusement park. We have that big Disneyland style project and will be expanding in the same way. We are developing Lekhanath as a tourism city.

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Presentation: Basanta Kumar Dhakal