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Little Things: Store With Lots of Quirky And Unusual Gifts


Words don’t come out right? We’ve got your back! Say what you need to say with our Witty Nepanglish Cards, Mugs, Tote bags and More!!

Located in the premises of Sanepa Height, in Jhamsikhel, Little things is a tiny world of its own. “Little Things is a hub that brings together unusual and cool gifts especially greeting cards,” say Abha Dhital and Sabin Bhandari, founders of Little Things

About Little Things

Little thing is a company that sales quirky gifts and cards. ‘I am a romantic person, but I am not a fan of Archie’s and hallmark because the designs there are boring and dull’ says the founder of little things Ms. Abha Dhital. Abha with her co-founder Mr. Sabin Bhandari realized to start a company which produce greeting cards that express in a way how we want to. At first, they only sold cards and when people started liking and responding to their designs they thought of expanding the products like Mugs, tumblers, bags, t-shirts and many more. She always wanted to do some creative things from her childhood days as she was always involved in social and extracurricular activities in her school days.

“My co-founder supported me a lot for opening this venture. We are now here due to our good partnership”, says Abha. As we had ample of ideas in our mind, we turned it out with lots of cool stuffs and weird things that our customers loved very much.


Talking about the inspiration for opening her company, she was really interested in doodle arts and she used to be a doodler from her childhood days and his partner Mr. Sabin Bhandari is also an illustrator and graphic designer. They were always interested in designing and arts so, she always used to art and design her own greeting cards.” My co-founder and I were pretty good friends and during our one conversation, I told my co-founder Sabin that I want to start a company that sells cards and my co-founder also said let us put our hands in it lets give it a try. So that’s how we started little things,” says Ms. Dhital.

Customers are the pushers for success

“our customer is our driving force due to their good response we are where we are. They love it they encourage us to keep it going” talks about the customer Ms. Abha Dhital.

Challenges during the Venture

Abha Shares, “People in Nepal do not promote their Nepali products. Somewhere in nowhere, this has been impeding the business. Many Nepalese prefer wearing and buying international brands than using their own homemade products. There are lots of challenges mainly emotional as we always get into dilemma whether continuing the business or not.”

Though having lots of ideas, executing the ideas is always challenging. The biggest challenge for the company is to get quality local resources to produce products like manufacturing, printing and many other things. They will have issues when they do not get good printing.

“It is really hard to get manufacturers, sometimes the printing quality is good and sometimes it bad. To upgrade the quality of business as well as it is really a hard job to get a manufacture company which will help in maintaining the quality of the products in a parallel line.” Co-founder shares the problems.

Future Plans and goals

After almost one year of its establishment, Little Things plans to focus in providing good services to its customers. They want to focus in upgrading and maintaining the quality of their products making their customers happy. They want to make still more cool stuffs but have no certain plans to expansion till now.

“For now, we think that if we are able to give them the best what we can than automatically our motivation and confidence will grow because if we satisfy the customer it will link up us with another customer and slowly and steadily our business will grow.” Says, Abha.

Message to aspiring youths & budding entrepreneurs

In the end, she likes to tell people that there are many Nepali designers in the Kathmandu and its time we really need to encourage and help they earn through their art.

 I don’t think we are in the position where we can give anybody suggestions, but we want to say if you want to take it slow and steady it’s okay to take it slow and steady.

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Presented by: Rojal Rajthala