A Biology student started IT company at the age of 18: Story of WPALL

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Like most of the teenagers, Prithu Singh Thakuri, founder of WPAll Club also felt that technology is the backbone of development. So, she wanted her hand to be invested in this field and started her internship in an IT company, despite the fact she was a Biology student.

Started from 2 people, now WPAll has 7 people working with one part time employee. Having a motive for enhancement of creative writing and affiliate marketing, the company has a good business going around from third-company products (themes, plugins) having both free and premium options.

She had always liked blogging during her secondary and higher secondary school days which made her think she could do content writing and even uplift its current situation. Due to the feeling of promoting content writing, she registered WPAll Club with her friend after the training she got in 2016 .

Team members of WPALL

Story behind the initiation

Prithu Singh Thakuri was 18 when she underwent content writing in an IT company. She wanted to do something, rise up. That is how WordPress All Club was formed. WordPress All Club, often abbreviated as WPAll Club is an electronic platform affiliated to the blogging universe, established to feature any facts that bloggers want to acquire. Along with articles on ‘how-to’ or ‘DIY’, but it also features companies’ respective profiles and their products including themes, plugins and so on with genuine reviews. The Club shares information about WordPress from its tutorial to a product review, making it easier for the user to compare from the authentic reviews given by the club. Besides that, they have also invested in affiliate marketing.

She had always liked blogging during her secondary and higher secondary school days which made her think she could do content writing and even uplift its current situation. Due to the feeling of promoting content writing, she registered WPAll Club with the training she got with her friend in 2016 and began providing the services.


WPAll is an ultimate WP Club for online WordPress Resources. It is a go-to WordPress resource club where you can get only hand-picked, tested, genuine and carefully written useful information about various aspects of WordPress.

Similarly, WPAll is a collection of the insightful and resourceful WordPress articles, tips and tricks, blogs, WP news and updates etc. Comprehensive WordPress tutorials and guides for the beginners as well as full-fledged technical WP articles and blogs can be found on the site.


In the start, the founder didn’t have stellar knowledge about IT because she didn’t have any core technical background but she had always been interested in IT. According to her, there weren’t content writings in a bountiful amount as compared to the foreign nations in her school days. As she had always wanted to enter to the IT world, she found content writing a platform to establish herself in an IT business. That is how she came up with the idea of having a website based on content writing in Nepal different than the west nations.


To have the business go well, there must be teams with similar interest and goals for the organization. Like most of the organizations, the founder had to face many challenges while building up an exemplary team. According to her, “Trusting people to consider them as a team was very tough. They weren’t sure if they would work enthusiastically for the coming days.” As content writing was literally taken as a tedious work to do in her early days, she found finding experienced people very strenuous and tiring. In retrospect, she had to face various trust challenges to uplift the company because of newly introduced content writing in her beginning days.

Response from customers

According to Thakuri’s knowledge, the customers as well as designers are liking WPAll’s service. Their positive and inspiring comments have always encouraged them to do much better, says the founder. Despite the fact of having more foreign clients than domestic ones, the marketing is doing well and the clients are liking their services.

Future Plans

She believes that the current situation of content marketing isn’t competent compared to the west and making marketing of that scale available to multiple diversity and exploring it here are her main goals. Not only marketing related to WordPress, the company also harbors the goal of investing in and partnering with different IT sectors, she further added. She also plans on delegating elite teams to run her company while she ventures in other areas, because according to the founder she wants WPAll to be connected with many different sectors, so content marketing can grow and flourish in Nepal.

Message to Youths

She believes that having degrees from renowned universities isn’t truly a success if we don’t try to use those knowledges in respective fields. In a nutshell, she urges passionate youths to explore and work relentlessly in the things they are interested in. “Don’t underestimate yourself because it takes time. Don’t ever give up because of the failure, because they are learning experiences.” she added a message to the fellow youths.

By: Rahat Poudel

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