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A Guide to Overcome Writer’s Block


Some way or the other we all have suffered from the writer’s block. In simple words a writer’s block is the condition where a writer gets stuck; being unable to think of what to write or proceed further in writing. Whether, you are trying to write a book or an article, there are chances of writer’s block and this condition not only piss you off in the process but also brings progress in your writing.

I started my career as a fashion blog and freelance writing poured in. I used to spruce up my writing with witty and trendy things. Shortly after few months, I started experiencing writer’s block and that was not acceptable excuse for me to miss a deadline. No later than a month, I learned the key to get over the block at those writer’s block. Here are few guides to overcome the writer’s block;

Force for a Deadline

Not every project or writing that you do has a deadline. If you don’t have a deadline, you should start to make one. This is because, everything has a deadline and if waited too long; your writing is possibly getting outplaced and our written. Another reason is the flicking human nature. This is one of the saddest things that happens to a story that the writer loses interest in it. Setting a deadline will motivate you to go with the flow of writing without any block.

Set a Half-Deadline

Once you have set a deadline for the writing, mark a date here to five days back. This is the day for you to get your thoughts together and organized, so that you get into your subconscious writing process. This guide does not only helps to make your writing short and sweet, but provide a space for you to input and direction to start creating.

Fill in the Blanks

We all must have been asked in our schooling days to fill in the blanks as a task. You have never thought of answering the blanks to overcome the writer’s block. The reason is that the topic was already set, and all that is needed is to insert the answer. So, the easiest way to overcome the writer’s block is to make your writing as fill in the banks. This is because through the detailed outlining; the more detail you put into your outline, the easier it is to write.

Break the Routine

Are you on routine? If you write on the same desk, in the same room, same house everyday then pack your stuffs and go for a new setting. Change in the space may bring new ideas to your work. Stressing on your daily routine and also not being able to meeting up your deadline is one reason for writer’s block and so breaking these routine helps overcome it.


The subject itself speaks. This is one of the oldest and effective measure that has been practiced from years. If you are sitting idle and staring at your screen wondering what to write; just grab a piece of paper and a pen and create an idea web. When we force our brain to think on new ideas through a new medium; it is proved to kick of writer’s block.

Bask in the Creativity of Others

This guide takes you to cater motivation and inspiration from one of your favorite writers. When in situation of writer’s block, imagine what they would have felt and done in that particular situation. What aspect would they bring during that situation? This exercise can create the dive to get back to where you were stuck and pump out with new ideas.


Draft is always a savior. When you write, the first thing you write is a draft because the draft need no stress or fear of flaws. There are no rules or judgment made on your first go. You don’t look for the perfectionism when you are diving into creativity. So just keep pouring your thought and words. Just put your word, any word and keep going on.

Edit Your Work

The final step to ditch your writer’s block is edit. Once you are done with your first draft, it then should be read from a reader’s point of view. Give a day or at least few hours. Star editing. Writing and Reading is completely two different things. Read your writing with critical eyes. Get rid of excess words and simplify everything. You are set you submit your work to the reader.

There are many possible reasons that causes writer’s block such as anxiety, fear, pressure etc. This can be overcome through few tips and guidelines such as breaking the routine, drafting, bask into others creativity, etc.

By: Cajol Jha