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A journey from Rs. 500 – Kshitij Raj Lohani


DSC_3376Kathmandu,Oct 20,2014: Kshitij Raj Lohani worked for 17 months for his single project ” Krinjal Space”. Under this project, he sent Nepali national flag to 80000 feet above in the space and played national anthem for the first time on 30th April, 2014.

He says, ” I could not believe I didn’t use Facebook, mobile, no family talk. I left everything and was only focused to achieve my goal.”

He is currently pursuing his undergrad degree in Computer Engineer at Northeastern University,USA.

In 2005, Kshitij was restricted from school for not being able to pay RS.500 as his annual fee. However,in the same year, he was able to make 4 world records and 1 national record.

His Records

He is also a national record holder in memorizing 125 random words on listening them for once. World record holder in fastest time to recite all Academy Awards Best Pictures And Their Winning Years in Random Order, Fastest time to recite the elements of the periodic table and their atomic numbers in random order, Fastest time to recite the names all US Presidents and their ordinal numbers in random order.

His Childhood

He stated his first day of school from higher grades without  studying nursery. He said that he always hated going to school till class 9. Kshitij says,” I used to pretend mom that I have stomach ache, head ache, etc for not going to school.” He was interested in other activities other than books like drama, karate, taekwondo, gymnastic, etc.

His Inspiration

His parents as an inspirational figures never forced him to study books but rather encouraged him to do what he loves to do. His parents were supportive in any activities he waned to do. However enforces him to prioritize one activity than involving in many at a time. They used to say “Do what you love to do. Do Karate only if you love Karate” to Kshitij. He was very frank with his parents and never had to hide feelings holding strong trust with his parents.

Talking with Glocal Khabar, Kshitij Raj Lohani has answered few of the questions.

What events has turned your life?

The moment when I was restricted from school for not being able to pay Rs.500, 5 world records that I set and when I published my first book “Krinjal” which is very emotional part of my life. I was really happy when that book was published.

How are you feeling at this point of life?

I am very happy. It is said that more power adds more responsibility. Nowadays, I have to think many times before posting anything in Facebook and speak carefully while traveling. However, its fun and life has many ups and downs.

How busy are you?

I am very busy attending various programs and not able to give time to my family. However, I manage to give them time playing some indoor games; playing ‘Mafia’ most of the time.

DSC_3359What is one insecurity that you have and further plans?

I am waiting for right idea than best ideas. That one idea which I would spent other 17 months.” I need to do what I am happy at rather than what I am good at.”

After 17 months of monotonous works, I am here to re-energize and meeting new people and new connection. I am happy being everywhere.

What is success to you?

Success is when you are getting appreciation from parents. We need to have goal, chop that goal into many milestones and celebrate every simple success. The moment I downloaded national anthem was a success for me. I am being interviewed, that is a success for me. We need to be positive.

Do you believe in relationship at an early age? 

If I have brought a star from the sky for someone, that means I believe right.

Your ambition?

To keep on doing different stuff every six month.

What do you hate?

Nothing came in my mind at the moment.

Any unusual habit of yours?

I have to hear “bye and best of luck” from my mother every time I call her or every time I go out of the house. No matter if she has to say that 100 times a day.

Your favorite food?

Buff mo:mo:

Your message to youth?

At 21, be 21. At 21, someone feels they are at 30 and do things to change the world. Live young when you are young, live in the present and enjoy the moment. Try to do things in different way. For example, if you want to ride a bike and not being able to do it, make a bike safety program. If you want to dance in a disco, organize a dance program for an orphanage. Though the platform is different, still you are dancing. Moreover, people will show respect to your work.

Watch full video of “Krinjal Space” project