Home Culture ‘Aaran Maa Kavita’ sets Mandala Theatre’s stage on fire on Tuesday afternoon

‘Aaran Maa Kavita’ sets Mandala Theatre’s stage on fire on Tuesday afternoon


Kathmandu, August 8, 2017: Two veteran poets Prakash Guragain and Hem Prabhas made Mandala Theatre cheer and applaud this afternoon.

The poets recited ten poems each as part of the monthly poetry recitation series ‘Aaran Maa Kavita’ organized by ‘Unmukta Pusta’, a literature revolution against inequality, reciting poems related to political and economic revolution in Nepal and how political change in the nation has affected the perception and way of life and the livelihood of people in rural areas.

Prakash Guragain

Prakash Guragain recited ‘Chhoro Naksa Banairahechha’, Baloon, Naya Satabdi Ko Budo Baalak, Mera Baa Kisan Hun, Mrityu, Saala Chamar Maariyo, Bhukampa Ko Geet, and Pahaad Bokera Pahaadtira among others poems. Similarly, Hem Parbhas delivered Desh, Sapanima, Taranga Kaa Srinkhala, Chhoro Mareko Desh and other poems.

Through the poetry, the poets expressed the problems and challenges that are being faced by the marginalized and underprivileged communities in our society and how they are being treated by so called upper-class group of people still in this 21st century where equality for all has been the agenda of Democracy.

Hem Prabhas

Unmukta Pusta had formerly carried out a poster poem campaign before launching ‘Aaran Maa Kavita’ series, as part of which they used to make poem posters and paste it in public places, and spread awareness. The group has also released a poetry collection book named ‘Aafar’ recently.

As many as 120 participants including renowned poets, litterateurs, and poetry lovers were present in today’s program.

Photographs: Gokul Joshi