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Ajay Pandey

A tech Enthusiast.

Ajay Pandey is brand consultant and contributor at Glocal Khabar. He founded a company ( Chaitanya Design Pvt. Ltd.) which aims to design sustainable solutions along with establishing a brand culture in Nepal. He is also working as Manager, IT & Design at Glocal Pvt. Ltd.  He is Founder/President of a youth group, Hopes of Change, which is working in the sector of youth empowerment and Child Education since 2015. I love to collaborate with youths on leadership, entrepreneurship, personal and professional development, Branding. He has been in touch with more than 25000 youths all over the country with different trainings and interactions. He is Trainer at Glocal After School of Graphics Designing. He also has been serving as Country Representative of the International Youth Federation.