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An Emerging Leader: Santoshi Rana


Ms.Santoshi Rana is the founder is the founder of Bihani Social Ventures, which works for the rights of senior citizens in Nepal. A platform provided to citizens above 50 years of age to “Re-engage, Re-explore and Re-live” – the three missions of the social enterprise. Bihani Social Venture primarily focuses on three imperative areas: social activities, health and entrepreneurship.

She earned her Master’s degree in Media and Communication Management from Middlesex University, London.

She worked as a Campaigner, communication intern, Media Reader and Training Consultant. She was involved with organizations like OXFAM and Hemophilia Society. She has also worked with ChangeFusion Nepal supporting social ventures and organising Surya Nepal Asha Social Entrepreneurship Award.

Ms. Rana is beautiful, brave and an inspiration to the youths. She encourages and takes the time for each individual. She always sees the best and the potential in people. That’s what makes her a good leader.