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What’s New At ‘AAMO’

Photo Source: Aayusha Shrestha

AAMO by Aayusha Shrestha(AMO meaning ‘Maya’, translated to English as ‘love’) is a conceptual jewelry line inspired by all that is Kathmandu and beyond. Every product is designed with lots of creativity and skill which are handcrafted by local craftsmen who have been making and practicing old and traditional ways of making the jewelers, which comes from the father to son generation. AAMO jewellery pieces are conceptual and ethical, two qualities that make them unique and divine.

Glocal Khabar interviewed Ms. Aayusha Shrestha, Founder/ Designer of AAMO’ to get more information about her journey and her ventures.

Aayusha Shrestha is one such courageous soul who emerged as an entrepreneur to start ‘AAMO’– a conceptual based jewellery line. The idea ‘AAMO’– a conceptually based jewelry line started in October 2016.

She started her research base in Graphics and her priority was in the graphic base not in jewelry design. With lots of research and skills, she realized and understand that less explore of the Nepali handicrafts industry, lack of technical schools and money and there is high competition in the market. So, she decided to start something i.e made by hand locally for the local consumption.

Shrestha made herself believe in her dreams. She is involved in multiple lines of work. She is a conceptual jewellery designer and also a freelance Graphic Designer. The idea of product designing hit her mind and she dragged herself outside of the imaginary world and made it into a reality.

The designs and products of AAMO are taking its pace and the growth line is much better. Even though it is a slow process but they are quite happy with their growth. Her emphasis is on quality rather than the quantity and the results are seen in unique jewellery pieces with a fine finish, which has created a niche market for ‘AAMO’.

The response of costumers is going well. The customer appreciates the uniqueness in the designs and their compliments and feedbacks motivated her journey. The clients are more aware and passionate about the jewelley. The customers can easily reach and communicate and can find the best design that they want to.

Recalling about the challenges in the growth and scaling up of the company, Shrestha says, the major challenge is competition. It is a creative business and once the designs are out it is very easy to copy and still facing those challenges.

Therefore, in the long term plan, AAMO to be involved in a community-based brand. she wants to make the company continue growing, encouraging younger generations and produced more skilled artists.

Instagram Link: https://www.instagram.com/p/B999lVWhFwO/?igshid=2ia1a71bcvpv