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Pursuing my Passion in the Fashion Designing: Kusum Creation


Fashion design is a way to express unique aspects of our creativity, an appropriate platform to showcase our talent so that people engaged in fashion design can gain the recognition they deserve. Many ambitious fashionistas are attracted to careers in the world of fashion. The fashion industry focuses on the need for new designs, and as new fashion trends emerge and new designs change, they are constantly evolving.

In the world of fashion, we always create new things and appreciate them. The fashion industry is a huge industry and has many opportunities for work. Fashion is a theme to evolve.

Glocal Khabar frame features the story behind the success of Ms. Kusum Padam Shrestha, Fashion Designer and founder of Kusum Creation.

If we truly have a passion for our dreams, we can easily balance this and to realize our dreams, the two things we need for our life are concentration and practice. Kusum Creation is an emerging fashion house. The clothing brand has been recognized for its qualitative, eco-friendly and creative designs.

Introducing Kusum Creation

Kusum Creation is a dedicated designer’s studio which provides the enchanting attires to the consumer of a different status and communities.

Kusum Creation started in 2075, the opening ceremony was inaugurated by the legendary singer Anju Panta on 24th falgun. With short period of its establishment, this studio has worked with well-known celebs like a famous singer Anju Panta, versatile actress Priyanka Karki , the all-rounder Pooja Sharma , the talent actor Paul Shah , Sushil Shrestha ,the emerging actresses Rubina Thapa, Richa Thapa , talented singer Bishnu Chemjong , Yubraj Chaulagain ,famous Bhutani actress Ugen Choden, and many more.

The Story Behind initiating Kusum Creation

Entering the world of fashion is a purely personal choice. Fashion is an art form that allows you to express your perception of style anyway.

” I have been passionate about fashion from childhood and it was my childhood dream to be a fashion designer. I found the right time to learn about it. From my interest in fashion, I decided to acquire a diploma degree in fashion design at the International Institute of Fashion Technology (IIFT),” says Shrestha.

She was always fascinated by her presence. After completing her professional course of advanced diploma in fashion, the journey of starting Kusum Creation was built from careful steps. She had launched her dream project ‘Kusum Creation’ – designer’s studio which has been introducing the fashion world to a group of people who thought fashion was out of their league. She made herself believe in her dreams.

Status of the company’s development

Kusum Creation is an exclusive designer’s studio which is registered at the concerned organization of Nepal government and because of the encouraging factor of our loyal and gentle consumers; we have got a huge success within a short duration of its origin.


Recalling about the challenges in the growth and scaling up of the company, Shrestha says, our initial challenges were to manage the investment and export manpower for the production. We had started our business with a  small amount of capital by managing the small production team but we had focused to satisfy a limited quantity of enrolled consumers. Our quality and timely services have satisfied our limited consumer and they have chosen and converted as regular consumers of Kusum Creation. After around one year of its formation, we have expanded our size of studio to fulfill more orders and increase the quality service. Currently, we are also suffering from Pandemic COVID 19 and planning to fight against its result after the lockdown.

Future plans

Therefore, in the long- term plan, as we know, world is fighting against Pandemic COVID 19 so in these circumstances, we can’t make any general business plan but we are planning to minimize the profit margin and reduce the production cost so that demand will be consistent and help to sustain the business in the crucial moment. Definitely, we will continue quality and timely service in any moment and situation.