Android Lollipop is in doorstep of its release: Google


    Version 5.0 of Google’s android operating system is going to be launched this friday. As per the report by research company IDC Google is holding around 85% global smartphone shipments.

    Android Engineering chief, Hiroshi Lockheimer said “We’ve made a concerted effort around focusing on the enterprise-use case.

    “If you think about it most people only carry one device.

    “The one device that they carry should work for various scenarios in their life -obviously for personal use, but also if they want to use it for corporate purposes.

    Android Lollipop

    “We wanted to make sure that Lollipop is designed in such way that corporations are happy to endorse it.”

    As per his statements, he wants to make clear that, android is targeting the business sector more by now. It may be making it look more appealing and may be handy too.

    At the first glance, the users will be surprised by its new look. As per information received till now, Google has emphasized more on graphics animation and color combination in Android Lollipop.

    Android Lollipop

    Mr Lockheimer further said, “The animations and ripples and things like that are eye candy, but at the same time there’s a purpose to them. They give feedback to the customer that you’ve tapped here, and the software got it, and is doing something about it.

    “And when one thing moves from one side of the screen to the other it gives you a sense of place and that you’re moving forwards in the screens, or up or down.

    “These are very interesting visual cues to help the user understand what is happening in the software.”

    There are more and more interesting features in Android Lollipop like:

    • It allows Android to be put in “do not disturb” mode for a pre-determined period of time which should minimise the risk of missing important calls or notifications after a meeting was over because the user forgot to switch off the setting.
    • Another change with notifications is that device owners can customise which types should rise to the top of the list presented to the user or conversely be prevented from appearing on the lock screen, to help device owners prevent information overload.
    • Android Lollipop also introduces a new feature called “smart lock”. This allows users to set a location – such as their home, car or office desk – or Bluetooth device – such as a smart watch or work keyboard – as a trigger to disable the need to type in a password

    Mr Lockheimer concluded by saying, “There’s this notion of what we call garbage collection – the system is managing the memory for you and once in a while it has to collect unused memory and free it up for applications.

    “In the past, with Dalvik, garbage collection could actually take longer than it should have – I’m talking milliseconds, but in terms of a CPU that’s a long time.

    “What that would result in were temporary glitches, like an animation jumping and not being quite as fluid as it needed to be.

    “In Art we’ve optimised the runtime to make garbage collection very quick and the glitches much less common than before.”

    Android Lollipop will be made available for download to Nexus 5 phones and Nexus 7 tablets on Friday from android developers site.



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