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Apple CEO Tim Cook lands in Kathmandu, iPhones to be assembled in Nepal


Kathmandu, April 1, 2017: It may come as a surprise for many, but it’s now official that Apple devices would be assembled from Nepal itself.

Apple CEO Tim Cook, who landed in Kathmandu on Friday morning in his private jet, laid a foundation stone for constructing a hi-tech building in Hetauda to house its new iPhone assembling centre. The plant is said to house state-of-the-art technologies that would meet the requirement to produce iPhone and other Apple devices. Our secret sources have informed that Apple had leased 500 hectares of land some 6 months ago.

“Final assembling of Apple devices is expected to happen in the plant itself, beginning Mid-2018. And, iPhone 8 would be the first device to be assembled from Nepal,” sources informed.

Apple devices, including iPhones, are mainly produced in China until now because of the cheap labour and availability of all the facilities there. But, China has been lacking labor capacity to ramp up production recently. And, there were rumors of Apple shifting operations to India, in the near future. But, the latest developments to start a manufacturing plant in Nepal has come as a surprise to many.

Starting of the Apple assembling plant is expected to create at least 2 lakh jobs in Nepal.

Speaking to this scribe over the telephone, Minister for Industry Nabindra Raj Joshi mentioned that this chapter can be taken as the beginning of industrial development in Nepal. He too informed that they would be bringing favorable policies for attracting various other multi-national companies to Nepal.

With the 24-hour availability of electricity in Nepal and availability of human resources in a record-low cost, Apple had decided to shift its production factory in Nepal.

Apple is not the first such company to have its production factory in Nepal. The renowned wrist-watch maker Kobold has been producing the limited edition watches since 2012 with a ‘Made in Nepal’ tag.

“It is very positive news, and joyous to see Apple devices being manufactured in Nepal. We hope that it turns out to be a milestone in the economic prosperity and development of Nepal,” said an economist on condition of anonymity.

Cook will be leaving for Malaysia on Saturday afternoon to oversee a manufacturing plant there.

Photo Source: thenewsminute.com

By April Nepali

[This story is our simple try to prank our readers on April 1. Happy April Fools’ day. 😀 🙂 ]