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Leaving IBM to produce Artificial Intelligence Engineers in Nepal

Story of Fusemachines Nepal, where Nepali young enthusiasts are pursuing their passion in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

It was the year 2013 when Sameer Maskey, a Ph.D. graduate in Computer Science from Columbia University, and a Research Scientist at IBM T. J Watson Research Center, realized there has always been a qualified labor pool that is ready to be tapped in Nepal. He felt Nepali engineers have raw talent but lack the required training to compete with the world. Thus, he left his respected and well-paying IBM job with a dream to start a company to produce globally competent AI engineers in Nepal.

The company, Fusemachines, at present, has transformed into a breeding ground of future superheroes – The AI People. The company is helping Nepali young enthusiasts to pursue their passion in Artificial Intelligence.

Fusemachines was created to train Nepali engineers in various AI technologies.

Since last year, the company introduced ‘Fusemachines AI Fellowship’, a year long program which includes a certification for micro masters from Columbia University online course that trains college grads to create a pool of Artificial Intelligence Specialists.

The recently launched Fusemachines Fellowship Program has provided a platform for a total of 26 engineers to hone their artificial intelligence (AI) skills. The participating fellows are learning, and working on their Dream AI projects, and envisioned creating tools that will eventually aid society.

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After completion of the course, the students will get an online certificate from various reputed online certifications. The certification is worth $1200 per student and is paid for by Fusemachines. And, the course is very much valuable as Big Data and Machine Learning are considered attractive jobs in the world, and have brighter prospects.

The four teams are pursuing such ambitious projects, if successful, they’ll bring a revolution on how people get services. Dr. Sameer Maskey, himself a professor of Statistical Methods/Machine Learning for Speech and Natural Language Processing at Columbia University, and Steven J. Rennie are mentoring the fellows and providing constant guidance.

Fusemachines is working to democratize AI, through education, services and software.

Headquartered in NY, and branch offices in Nepal and the Dominican Republic, Fusemachines has been actively working in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data since its inception in 2013. Along with the fellowship project, the company creates AI based softwares, and works on various subdomains of AI like machine learning, natural language processing, big data, etc.

Fusemachines has ventured again in search for a fresh batch of AI enthusiasts with its flagship Fusemachines AI Fellowship. The fellowship aims to nurture the best engineering talents and expose them to the highly competitive AI industry. The second batch of the fellowship will start from Dec end, 2017. Interested? Apply for the fellowship at fusemachines.com/ai-fellowship

By Basanta Kumar Dhakal