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Young Scientists from Asia Pacific Region gather in Kathmandu for science conference


Kathmandu, November 3, 2017: As many as 150 delegates from 11 different countries, aged 11 to 18, are participating in the sixth edition of Asia Pacific Conference of Young Scientists (APCYS), that is ongoing at Park Village Resort Budhanilkantha from Wednesday, November 1.

The participants in the program are demonstrating various wonderful projects on five core subjects: Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics (including Robotics and Engineering), Life Sciences (including Chemical Sciences) and Environmental Science. These projects were first shortlisted from the National Young Scientists Conference organized in every member nation. Each project is judged by a jury panel consisting of 6 experts from particular subjects. Delegates are presenting their ideas and models through poster publication and oral presentation and are asked different questions at the end of presentation.

Dr. Rajesh Pandey, executive member of the conference organizing committee, shared how such platform will help to make the students innovative and promote practical approach of learning science. “Now it’s time for our country to take a step forward in science and technology. It is only possible when the students get chance to explore its scope from the young age. Through APCYS, we are committed to promoting scientific research and innovation among students from the school level,” he shared.

The program has inspired many young minds not to remain confined within the books of science, instead consider the creative part of it. Ramu Khatri is one of a delegate from Nepal who had bagged two medals in the previous editions of APCYS. He was very happy for Nepali students like him when he heard the program would be organized in Nepal. Significant numbers of projects from Nepal can be observed in the current edition as the fee of overseas trip was not a problem this time. Homemade Vacuum Cleaner, High-Tech Home, Robert Security Device, Accident Avoiding Car, Neutrino And Dark Matter Searches etc. are the projects from Nepal in the conference. “Even in the absence of expensive tools and equipment, Nepali students have prepared some notable items. This is a very good sign for us. We have realized that all they need is good mentor and more resources,” said Dr. Pandey.

Hosted by the Research Center for Applied Science and Technology (RECAST), Nepal Polymer Institute, and Brainycube Research Organization, the conference will run through November 5.

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By Prashant Bhandari