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Aarambha Foundation Kathmandu concludes informative session on Adolescence Psychology and Its Impact

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Kathmandu, February 7, 2018: In order to facilitate adolescent students with the insights on physical, mental and psychological changes, Aarambha Foundation Kathmandu has successfully conducted ‘Adolescence Psychology and Its Impact’ on January 31, 2018 at Mansingh Dharma Secondary School, Manamaiju, Kathmandu.

Menstrual hygiene, sexual health, parents-children relationship, drug abuse, violence, body shaming, depression and anxiety, gender-based expected roles, social responsibilities of adolescence, love versus infatuation were the major topic of discussions. In order to understand the ideas of students regarding these topics, these students were provided with an opportunity to present their ideas. The event interacted with workshop, role play, and video presentation.

The engaging platform marked the presence of Aarambha’s founders and influential speakers Vivek Ranjan Paudel, Ojesh Pokhrel and Saroj Giree who moderated various sessions for the program. School President Shree Mansingh Maharjan, Principal Narayan Jung Thapa, Vice Principal Maheshwor Prasad Devkota, and Dinesh Pandey provided the program with a positive ambiance.

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Initiating the program by conversing about the lack of interest students showcase in their studies because of the weaving effect of infatuation, Vivek Ranjan Poudel, conversed on ‘Love vs. Infatuation’. Poudel presented some effective ways of resolving from such condition.

Secondly, Ojesh Pokhrel opined on ‘Gender Based Expected Roles’. He indicated that men and women can rise above the conventions of patriarchal society by breaking the orthodox gender roles.”Adolescence can play vital role for the betterment of the nation so they actually must not distract the attention out of education”, asserted Saroj Giree on his session of ‘Social Responsibilities of Adolescence’.

The members of Aarambha presented a role play to demonstrate ‘Parents Children Relationship’. This role play revolved around the main theme of how parents should react with the children so that an ideal home and appreciable relationship between parents and children could be maintained. The students of the school performed a drama to emphasize on extending ‘Perversion of children trafficking’ as well as showing the significance of eradication.

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A forum of enthusiastic youngsters having a strong determination to work for a cause, Aarambha Foundation has been spreading its influencing steps on bringing a positive transformation in the existing society. They have organized various programs such as School Dropouts’ Prevention and Re-enrolment Project, Getting into Yourself, Free Tuition, Clothes Distribution Campaign for the affected flood victims of Chitwan, Rautahat and Jhapa and free health campaign for flood victims of Chitwan.