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Is Arjun Rampal to blame for the Mehr-Sussanne friendship taking a severe beating?

Is Arjun Rampal to blame for the Mehr-Sussanne friendship taking a severe beating

24 November,2014: Three is definitely a crowd. And the Sussanne Khan-Arjun Rampal-Mehr Jessia friendship seems to be learning it the hard way.

There has been constant speculation on the nature of Sussanne’s relationship with Arjun. But these rumours came to an abrupt halt when Mehr, Arjun’s wife and the mother of his two daughters Mahika and Myra, went on record stating that the romance stories were hogwash. She also added that Sussanne and she enjoyed a deep friendship that went beyond these baseless allegations.

At that juncture, she hoped that it was her friendship with Hrithik Roshan’s ex-wife that held more meaning than Sussanne’s own friendship with her husband. After all, Mehr and Sussanne had practically become soul sisters in their decade-long period of knowing one another. One could say that like an ostrich, Mehr had buried her head in the sand, hoping that all the rumours linking her husband to Sussanne would go away.

However, a star wife close to all three told us that the drama had taken a turn. About two months ago, Mehr apparently found that out that despite their repeated denials, the friendship between Arjun and Sussanne ran deeper. The two allegedly travelled overseas during the same period and when abroad, they spent quality time with each other.

Obviously, Mehr, who was left holding the babies, didn’t take this well. She reportedly confronted both parties. While Sussanne and Arjun once again maintained that there was nothing to it, according to a model friend of Mehr’s, this time around, she was apparently in no mood to play along.

The friend added, “Arjun started staying in a five star hotel in the city under the pretext of preparing for a special role he had bagged. A heart-broken Mehr stayed home, looking after their daughters and Sussanne continued with her duties of being a good mother to her sons.”

Another star wife, who is also well acquainted with Suzy and Mehr, said that the girls are no longer friends. “Arjun wants to put together the pieces of his relationship with Mehr and resume a normal family life. He loves his two daughters more than anyone else in the world. And, Sussanne is obviously at sea,” she added.
How this whole friendship plays out remains to be seen. Will Arjun remain friends with Sussanne? Or will Mehr overlook everything she has heard and partly suspects, and revive her friendship with Sussanne? Only time will tell.

Source:The Times of India


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