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NAMASTE MEHENDI CONVENTION 2019 – One Festival that Connects All


Open Space Network (OSN), an entity that focuses on bridging the gap between, “product and product”, “product and people” and “People and people” by creating and developing large scale events such as festivals, markets, conferences and exhibitions to exchange and interact about their products to the people has designed an event that brought all the ladies together and celebrate this holy month with togetherness and also create a platform for Mehendi Artist to showcase their skills. Through this annual event OSN aim to protect and promote the tradition of Mehendi in the holy month of Shrawan and hence, organized the third edition of Mehendi Convention, Namaste Mehendi Convention 2019. 

This convention aims to bring 20 heena artist together to share their learning and skills. One of the main agenda is to bring in a shift from how people address from “Mehendi Wali to Mehendi Artist”. Besides the cultural values, Namaste Mehendi Convention 2019 is also created for henna lovers to come together and share in the joy of henna. Meeting up with henna artists who share the same passion is a powerful thing. And when people who share passions come together to talk about and practice what they love, they can’t help but learn from one another.

Every year in Shrawan in Nepal, there is this holy festival, where ladies and women decorate their hands with Henna. This event is basically organized to welcome the month of Shrawan by decorating hands of as many ladies and women as possible and sharing great deal of joy amongst one another. This sort of events encourages arts and skills in people and furthermore promotes cultures.

Event Details Venue: Labim Mall, Pulchowk and Civil Mall, Sundhara Date: 16th July 2019 and 17th July 2019 Time: 11:30 AM to 6:30 PM 

Please feel free to reach Ms. Faija Parween, Founder of Open Space Network for further information at +977-9843324333.