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Yatriyo.com: a marketplace for travelers in Nepal


Nepal is one of the major destination for tourist all around the globe. At the same time, searching for best hotels to stay, vehicle to travel and many other lists during travel has to be planned. Finding all of these is a long process and to get the information is major challenge here in Nepal. However, to provide every travel information and solutions in one platform, Mr. Minnat Siddiqui started Yatriyo.com to give the tourist better experience in comparative prices at one place.

Yatriyo.com is a very good concept to provide services to customers where they can customize their travel plan by a click. “Yatiryo.com is not a typical tour and travel company. It is moreover a marketplace with the motto – Great is not enough, we can do better!” Said Mr. Minnat Siddiqui, Founder of Yatriyo.com.

The Story Behind
Following his interest in travelling and prospective sector, tourism, he started the research. He found out one major problem for tourists in Nepal, lack of information available to search during travel.

He says, “Mainly there is the problem for tourist who wants to visit Nepal as they cannot book the hotel as they want easily via online and they cannot even look the beauty of Nepal through any sources as there is very less information available on the internet. So, we were promoting the beauty of Nepal by using different methods like video, photos etc. on that phase we also started yartiyo.com.”

While sharing his idea of Yatriyo to his close friends, he got positive response from his friends to implement in Nepal and gained the confidence to initiate.

Inspiration and Motivation

Mr. Minnat worked in Banglore, India in the field of IT for almost 17 years and realized to come back to Nepal and initiate his own venture. Every single person has love towards the home country and the main strength for Mr. Minnat was his wiliness to do something in home country. He wanted to do something in the country rather earning abroad, which was the main inspiration for establishing the venture.

“I have no any kind of other inspirations but the patriotic feel that forced me to do something where I was born was the main inspiration for me so I returned back to Nepal and started my business here.” Stated Mr. Minnat. He studied and worked in Bangalore for about 17 years where he got lots of knowledge and ideas than he returned back to Nepal to do something.

About Yatriyo.com

Yatriyo.com is an online travel platform which offers travelers an extensive selection of hotels, activities and travel services to meet every budget and activities of every kind at competitive rates. Basically, it lists the hotels and does the marketing by various methods and in various places i.e. nationally and internationally. It promotes the hotels and various tourism places through which they receive the customers where they can directly book the hotels via online.

Response from the customers

Yatriyo.com believes in a long-term relationship. Each and every member in the Yatriyo.com are working hard and are fully involved in one project, accompanying the group and helping the tourist to resolve all the emerging difficulties. Yatriyo.com makes sure that every tourist is satisfied with the trip. We are flexible in our offers, efficient in our work, sincere in our business relationships, quick and responsive to your requests.

“We are constantly working on gaining mutual trust with our clients. We have multilingual, competent and considerate staff. The tourists are appreciating the service we provide to them. Nearly about 500-700 peoples per month are visiting and exploring different places of Nepal through us who are international as well as locals where maximum numbers of the tourists are satisfied with us.” said Mr. Minnat and also added that the positive responses from the customers are key to upgrade the business.

Challenges `

Yatriyo.com is working hard to give the tourist best services in a best price. It is also solving the problems where it used to be very hard to find the hotels and travel agents. However, the major challenge for them is to negotiate in every parts of their business in Nepali market.

“Negotiating part is very challenging in a normal market here. There is a trend of negotiating in each and everything so, it is a bit challenging and difficult to face this part.” said the founder.


Future plans

In coming years, Yatriyo.com has planned to establish its branches in all the countries so that every people in every corner of the world can know about Nepal and visit Nepal to explore the beauties of Nepal and Nepali people.

Message to youths

“There are lots of opportunities in Nepal so we do not need to go abroad to get better opportunities. If you have wished to do something from your inner heart than never do late for it.”

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