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From Big to Small (Publisher’s Note)


Glocal Khabar has made us learn a lot from odds and opportunities in these three years so far. It has taken us to the journey of different learning and experience which has shaped Glocal Family and even evolve Glocal Khabar as a venture.

The third year of Glocal Khabar’s existence since the 1st day has brought different changes in shaping up, however keeping the same priority of bringing out stories about youth development and activism.

The ways to bring out the stories have changed. We used to cover all the aspects of news; politics, technology, international, entertainment and so on, this year, we have drastically made ourselves niche in youth and startup stories, we have started creating a niche segment of news and bringing unseen stories of youths who have been making amazing stories here in Nepal and show the hope about things can be done in Nepal.

Glocal Khabar always believes that there is opportunity is in Nepal. The team has been dedicatedly thinking, working and writing about the stories of Nepali Entrepreneurs, Developers, Creators, Activists, Educationists and Initiators with a hope to encourage those who are working and inspire others.

We love working as a youth group of development journalists. I extend my wishes and importantly thanks to the Glocal Khabar team led by Mr. Basanta Kumar Dhakal to take Glocal Khabar from Big to Small, where we are more focused, dedicated to bringing difference by sharing.

Thank you all the viewers, readers, and well-wishers for encouraging, commenting, correcting and suggesting us. We hope to always have your presence in the process of our evolution.

Happy 3rd Anniversary, Glocal Khabar! Its third anniversary and we are still evolving….


Asish Thakur,
Founder, Glocal Khabar
Executive Director, Glocal Pvt. Ltd.