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What’s New At- 49 Hours Studio?

Photo Source: Mr. Utshav Singh Adhikari

49 Hours Studio provides highly professional photography and cinematography services. The company also provides its services in the package of photography, videographer, designing and animation services, all at one place in ‘49 Hours Studio’.


We interviewed Mr.Utshav Singh Adhikari to get more information about their venture.

Utshav Singh Adhikari said they started working on making profiles of companies, product reviews and other promotional activities on the contract basis as a photographer.


The main motto of 49 Hours Studio is ”Dreams lies beyond imagination”  and they believe in supreme integrity and excellence. ’49 Hours Studio’ is a profit-oriented organization. It accentuates art and glamour side focusing on portfolios, indoors and outdoors, products, weddings and profile services. Studio strives to redefine services with some unique and creative featuring.


49 Hours Studio started in 2012, however in the year 2014, formally registered the company. The team of “49 Hours studio” are all self-made and self-trained bunch of youths with an unstoppable urge to do things differently and get it appreciated and working on the fields of photography, business promotions, business developments, finance, content writing, designing services, and other similar activities.

The business is taking its pace and it’s good at present. It’s a really good experience for our team. The chain of projects and overall business is rapidly taking pacing. The status of 49 Hours studio is changed. The response of costumers are going good and the 49 Hours studio easily providing service. Recently, the 49 Hours Studio team are working in Pokhara branch.


The studio introduces more platform in the coming months. In terms of products, in terms of experience, in terms of customer service and as a whole in customer numbers also, they are growing. The customers can easily reach and communicate and can find their service through the social media page.

Recalling about the challenges in the growth and scaling up of the company, Adhikari says, they are not getting fruitful time in online service but they are rapidly going good in the offline service.


Therefore, in the long term, 49 Hours Studio is planning to register a new company in the coming year, at the end of Baishak. In the long run, they want to make their company the biggest Studio Platform and the team set to establish a company in Kathmandu and Australia so that they can easily communicate with costumers.