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Creating Nepali Game Market: Chronicles of Himalayas


Digital world after social media is all about online and mobile games. People of all age groups loves to engage in their device with games for their entertaining times. Gaming market in Nepal is emerging with more users in internet and smartphones. The team of Sroth Code games came up with the idea of introducing ‘Chronicles of Himalayas’ when ‘Haku Run’ was a success.

Story Behind Initiating

The team of Sroth Code after the success of Haku Run motivated them to make ore games which could be a pioneer in gaming development. Among many games they made, Haku Run was a success due to popularity of the character and people were aware about the story.  They made revenue of 3 lakhs with the online and sponsor revenue. This success was huge lesson for the team of to come up with big games.

They have a team of 20 members with five core members; Uttam Adhikari, Uday Gurung, Bishal Manandhar, Nischal Amatya, Rizma Joshi (co-founders), prashant Sharma, Dinesh Dhakal, Suman Thapa (Core Developers).

Nepal is known for Himalayas and therefore the team chose to make the story of Sherpa journey at the beginning. The team says, “Given the fact the keywords like “Sherpa, “Everest”, “Himalayas” and “Chronicles” are searched over millions of times in google, we feel these are the stories that needs to be told.”

They opted for the new approach with crowd funding of 32,000 at Can Info Tech 2016 for Chronicles of Himalayas. Along with more other investor support, they are still in need of the crowd funding of 1000 rupees each from 3,000 people for their game development.

About Chronicles of Himalayas

An epic story of a 15 year old sherpa boy from a secret village in the Everest who sets out to find his missing father but destiny leads him to his origin. Chronicles Of The Himalayas is a adventure and mystery experience set in the Himalayan Wilderness. Hidden from the eyes of the common folks, peek in to the extra ordinary world where reality, folklore and magic come together.

The game is targeted for 13-40 years who are into role playing and adventurous games. The game is going to be in freemuim model. Up to 3 levels free and somewhere between Nrs 150- Nrs 200 in Nepali market


Working on gaming venture commercially is first of its kind in Nepal. Therefore, the team has been facing challenges in terms of first experience, talent retention, lack of marketplace. The trend of youths and talent draining abroad is one of the huge challenge for the team. The team says, ” We have a trend of youths going abroad for further studies which impacts us when a integrated team member has to pursue their abroad studies. Months of training and work experience is lost.”

Since the market of gaming is yet to be created, lack of marketplace to some extend minimize the challenge. However, making people aware about the digital products is another challenge when creating market. One of the co-founder, Uttam Adhikari says,”Making people aware of digital products. Along with creating a product of its kind for the first time also comes with a responsibility to make the people aware of such products and finally driving them to the conversion funnel.”

With less experience, the team says, “We are working to overcome it by failing fast and making amendments and eventually growing in experience and knowledge.”

Future Plan

The team is all gearing up to launch the game in 2019 with year long preparation. They plan to come up with many games with stories of different part of Nepal after the journey of Sherpa. In future, they have a future plan to make franchise of the gaming.  Mr. Adhikari says, ” We have started with just one story that is uncovered and will be exploring more with more untapped stories of Nepal through game. Similarly, taking our game development idea to South Asian market too.”

Message to youths

“Lets all of us work together to create something special amount ourselves. Dedicatedly support each other’s project and help each other grow.”

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