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Bindhabasini Eco-brick Industry


Bindhabasini Eco Industries Specializes In The Production Of High Quality And Cost Effective Compressed Interlocking Bricks (CSEB). The Company Was Established In 2019 Its Sight Set On Providing Reliable And Eco-Friendly Building Materials For Reconstruction Of Individual Homes And Public Buildings.

We interviewed the founder of the industry, Mr.Pramod Sapkota and discussed about how the venture started. Here is what he had to say.

1. What is Bindhabasini Eco-brink Industry? Introduce your venture.

The Bindhabasini Eco-brink industry was established on 2019 with the vision to provide value to customers through the introduction of cost-effective construction materials through innovation and continuous quality improvement and also to introduce and supply cost-effective building solution for fast and cheap reconstruction of buildings. We also work as a consulting firm For NGO’s, Private Organizations and Individual Who Are Working for reconstruction. Likewise, we also provide Machinery that Ranges from Single Mold Manual Press to Automatic Production Line for Compressed Interlocking Brick (CSEB) Production.

2. What is the story behind its initiation?

After completion of my college, I joined Gorkha Eco-panel and worked in that agency of Illam district. It was not much feasible in the market as it was expensive. What can be made cheaper in construction arenas in order to meet the market needs? That was question that arised? In terms of brick, what can be replaced? Many different questions went through my mind and I started researching about it. Then I happened to watch a show called Money Talks on Kantipur Television. I went through that episode and got to know about eco cell industry that supplies machines of interlocking bricks, and also provide technical supervision. I got a new insight into my venture. I brought the machine and started working in a different and innovative way. That’s how I introduced this eco-brick industry, with the investment of a total 45 lakh.

3. What is the legal status of the company’s development? What about its success?

Our company is registered and since the initiation, the business has been quite well. We have a manual machine for now. From coming to Jestha Month, we are going to replace it with a semi-automated machine. In Illam district, our industry is the one and only place where the inter-locking bricks are manufactured.

If one brick is produced, it can be sold only after 21-25 days. But I have not been able to keep it until full days as the demands are high and we need to meet with the needs of the customers, and the bricks need to be delivered on the site. The supply is really good. The difficulty is in the production timeline.

4. How many employees are working in your team?

I have my 3 family members involved in the company and we also have 5 workers who are involved in the functioning of the industry. 8 people in my team has a common objective and we are working for creating an eco-friendly environment in Illam district.

5. What were the challenged you faced with your startups?

Definitely, we had to face challenges. In Illam red bricks, namely called fire bricks are very popular. Likewise, along with fire bricks, we had a very tough competition with ACC, Hollow blocks etc. during the starting days. But slowly and gradually, nowadays people started understanding that even in low investment, houses can be constructed in less time than usual. It’s easier nowadays and business is going well too. In a governmental perspective, it was a new venture in Illam district that we initiated, so we brought all necessary documents of eco-cells and showed to the concerned authority, then it was finally registered. It was difficult to reach out market in the first place but now we have overcome these challenges.

6. What are your future plans?

There is no such organization here in Illam which works for reconstruction measures and home solutions related to construction to provide services to the public. We are therefore planning to take the task of designing houses, until completion of construction. Likewise, we are also planning to open UPVC door-windows assembly plant in Illam district. However, it is on the planning phase and we will hopefully implement it after some months.

For more information:  https://bindhyabasiniecobrickindustries.websites.co.in/