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Born to be a health worker – Sabina Mainali


On my recent visit to eastern Nepal, I got to meet a person whom I would probably never forget. I got to meet Sabina Mainali – a health worker serving in Maunabudhuk Health Post, Dhankuta.

Born and raised in Biratnagar-11, Morang, Mainali was quite different from other kids. She was a frolicky girl in her childhood. After completing SLC and intermediate level education, she joined for Bachelor in Sociology degree. But, her dream was to be a nurse. Thus, she later joined Auxiliary Nurse Midwife (ANM) course to fulfill her childhood dream.

She has been engaged in public health service from 2005. She was first appointed at Ghoretar Primary Health Center (PHC), Bhojpur where she worked for 2 years.

“Madhu Sudhan Koirala sir immensely guided and assisted me a lot during the beginning days of my career in public health sector,” Mainali recalled. After that, she was transferred to Jeetpur PHC- Dhankuta and worked there for 20 months. From Dhankuta, she was again transferred to Chandragiri Health Post, Jhapa, for 3 years. Since 2012, she has been serving at Maunabudhuk Health Post, Dhankuta.

Mrs. Tara Subedi (Integrity Idol Finalist 2016), in-charge of Maunabudhuk Health Post feels that Mainali is a boon for delivery. “She used to handle the delivery case at anytime and anywhere if she gets information about a delivery case. She is motivated to have safe delivery practices. Her dedication and commitment has inspired other staffs of health post to perform the daily tasks even more efficiently,” Subedi added.

Subedi further claimed that there is cent percent institutional delivery in the Maunabudhuk Rural Municipality. “But, if she finds the case to be too complicated, she refers the patient to BPKIHS, Dharan,” Subedi said, adding, “She has so far attempted as many as 1000 delivery cases.” Mainali also gives proper counseling to each pregnant woman and keeps records of each Ante Natal Checkup (ANC) visit.

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Mainali shared a case of Kurule Timpa, a delivery case that lasted nearly 12 hours with retained placenta, high fever and postpartum hemorrhage. Mainali’s attention, care and dedication was successful to save the mother’s life. She feels proud of herself for the success of this particular case.

Mainali feels that relationship between doctors and patients must be like fish and water, not fish and fisherman. She shared that a doctor’s politeness helps to reduce the pain of patients by half.

Mr. Megh Raj Ban (Nick Simon Award winner, 2013) also appreciates the way Mainali has worked to improve the service delivery process at the health post. “In coordination with Maunabudhuk rural municipality, she started an initiative in 2012 to provide snacks to the pregnant women who visit 4th ANC check-up. This has hugely contributed to promote safe motherhood in this area.”

For her commanding voice, charm face and dedication on maternal and child health sectors, it’s hard to believe that Mainali is under diabetes and thyroid medication since last 10 years. She once even fainted while attempting a delivery, but has never given up her work whatever the circumstance be.

She shared that her happiest moment in life was when she herself became a mother, giving birth to a baby girl.

Sabina Mainali

She suggests all the health personnel not to be focused only in the urban area, but also to rural areas. “As a health personnel, you should be focused on services rather than being money oriented,” she shared.

Meeting a person like her was really an inspiring moment for me.

The writer (center, front) with health personnel at Maunabudhuk Health Post

By Kusum KC

The writer is a graduate of Bachelors in Public Health from National Open College.