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Breaking the period stereotype: Ruby Cup and Menstrupedia comic launched in Nepal


Kathmandu, June 26, 2017: Last Monday afternoon saw a unique kind of event organized in the town. A group of girls and young women had gathered at Kar.Ma Coffee, Gyan Mandal, Jhamsikhel.

They were there to witness the official launch Ruby Cup and Menstrupedia Comic in Nepal. Putali Foundation, an initiative to push for girl’s & women’s empowerment in Nepal through menstrual hygiene management and education, had organized the event.

The comic book titled ‘Menstrupedia’ is a colorful and interesting guide to menstruation. Originally introduced in Nepal in 2015 through Putali Nepal, the comic book features three characters each at a different stage of adolescence. The characters include a girl who hasn’t experienced her period yet but is curious to know about it, a girl who has just started her period and wants advice on how to deal with it, and a girl who has had her period already but wants to learn about the myths concerning it.

In 2015, the book, known for its spreading period-positivity theme, was circulated over 2,000, both in English and Nepali. Now re-launched as a 90-pager comic for commercial purpose, this book is an initiative to break the menstruation stereotype, helping young girls understand the anatomy of period and how it is nothing but just a natural process.

On the same day, Putali Nepal also launched Ruby Cup, a revolutionary sanitary option for improved menstrual hygiene management. The menstrual cup, an eco-friendly approach, is made out of medical grade silicone and can be reused for up to 10 years. However, Ruby Cup also comes with instructions in the form of a 42-page guide on how to use the product and why. Ruby Cups have significantly improved the lives of girls in Kenya, and the organization believes that it can bring similar changes in Nepal.

Both the comic book and the menstrual cup serve to provide a safe and comfortable environment for girls in their menstruation.

The event also saw lively discussions about the products, their reception, and potential amongst girls and women in Nepal.

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Presentation on Mero Lagi app held

The event was also followed by the presentation of a new app for adolescents:  Mero Lagi App. This app covers everything you have to know while undergoing puberty. It is an effort to omit the curiosities of adolescents regarding physical changes, hygiene issues, and first relationships. Also, it quizzes users’ knowledge about menstruation and contraceptives.

Photos Courtesy: Dharti Mata