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But first, coffee!


Kathmandu, 18 Februaty 2016: You’re a college going teenager who has to get on a day full of long classes, incessant teachers and stressful assignments all the while keeping your social life alive. You grab a steaming cup of coffee as a head start. And you’d probably tie up your day with a perfect caffeine bow as you go down to the little coffee shop around the corner to hang out with your friends. Nowadays regardless of age and livelihood, many has grown accustomed to the habit of starting the day with a cup of coffee and possibly unwinding at the end with another one. Several more cups in between and you’re powering through, conquering each obstacle as they come, which might sound a bit exaggerated. But if you’re just another metaphorical spawn of Lorelai Gilmore, then you wouldn’t think of it as a completely unfitting statement.

In simpler times, the morning frenzy of a typical Kathmandu resident began with a humble cup of tea. And now as the Western world has slowly turned their heads towards Chai Latte and their kale smoothies, the daily life of Nepalese have started to be filled with coffee redundancy. Be it a little coffee shop with all sorts of knick knacks down the street or an upscale café that serves an array of caffeinated beverages whose names are a treat on its own, Kathmanduities are lining up for their cup of Joe. And every other house down the lane has a got a little space in their kitchen for a jar of either a native organic beans or the friendly foreign brand of instant coffee. Coffee has been a part of social and economic context of Nepal lately and it determines to grow. With coffee plantations or a barista career, coffee has the potential to fill your pockets as you go filling up the pots. And for those who have no plans whatsoever to pursue a career in coffee, it would definitely fill you up with energy and those latte arts will surely make your instagram so much prettier.

Whether a college student or a business entrepreneur, either to socialize or strike a business deal, or for first dates, or pulling an all nighter for an exam the next day, coffee is the drink of choice at that moment. If for unwinding at the end of the day, or getting those faux kicks of energy, if your book or cigarette gets lonely, or if just for the love of its robust aroma and taste, humankind love to include coffee in their daily life in all its bitter goodness.

For this week, let’s take a look at a tiny little shop in a tiny little ally at Patan.

Handmade coffee (Patan, Mamadu Galli):

The name says itself. No fancy machines, just a guy named Dibesh Shrestha treating you with his politeness and coffee as per your taste. A perfect place to hang out and chat with your friends, the price quite complements the taste and the ambiance of the place. This very young place has attracted quite a bit of crowd to itself among hundred other similar coffee shops. Just three months old, this place offers quite the taste of the Shrestha family.


Article by: Ankita Joshi (Glocalkhabar)

Photo : Srijan Baral (Glocalkhabar)


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