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Campaign launched to make nation self-reliant in digital education


Kathmandu, June 10, 2016: A nation-wide campaign aiming to make Nepal self reliant on its digital education launched in the capital recently.

KULLAB and Research Centre jointly initiated the campaign Wednesday, which was officially launched by Minster for Education, Giriraj Mani Pokharel.

During the function, Minister Pokharel started national conference, “Self Dependent Nepal for Technology in Education, Smart School App” as well “Academic Curriculum Tabloid.”

Addressing the function, Pokharel said the newly amended education act had also addressed the issues of digital education. Expanding internet services at every school of the country is the priority of the government, he added.

Expressing his gratitude, Pokharel said that KULLAB would play a vital role for educating tomorrow’s Nepal.

According to KULLAB, the service provided by the mobile application would be completely free of cost.

Chief Executive Officer of KULLAB, Sushil Dev Bhattarai said this mobile application would turn out to be a boon for the children, teachers and parents to develop interactive network.

“As in the Facebook, the students can use this app, with which they can study as they do during the class lessons. They can find their course books, learning materials and notes for each chapter, solutions for their queries. And this will be more interactive,” said Bhattarai.

Appreciating the initiation of KULLAB, Suprabhata Bhandari, and Chairperson of Guardians Association said if the digital education was promoted in the country like Nepal, then the students would get rid of the burden to carry heavy loads of textbooks.

Students could learn more effectively if this trend comes into practice, he added.

Binod Dhakal, Chairperson of Federation of Computer Association of Nepal (CAN) Federation suggested the government to prepare a proper strategy to promote Information Communication Technology (ICT) in educational system of the country.

Tilak Kunwar, General Secretary of Nepal Teacher’s Federation, said the efficiency of education would be enhanced by promoting ICT in education system.

So far, one hundred fifty thousand students and teachers have been using the KULLAB application. They have users from 17 countries around the world. The users from Nepal, America, India, Bhutan, Philippines, Sudan and Myanmar have been using their software, informed KULLAB.

CEO Bhattarai informed that the application had updated curriculum of grade seven to grade 12. Besides, the application has been providing learning materials for engineering, electronic, mechanical and civil engineering courses.

KULLAB has targeted to digitize courses of every faculty available in the country by next five years, said Bhattarai.