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Chhath concludes with ritualistic offerings to Sun God

An illuminated view of Bagmati river banks in the Pashupati are of Kathmandu in the evening of Chhath festival, on Sunday, November 6, 2016. Photo: RSS

Kathmandu, November 7, 2016: The Chhath festival concluded today as devotees offered Argha (curd) to the Sun God.

During the festival, the setting sun and the rising sun are worshipped and offered delicacies at the banks of the rivers and ponds across the country.

The devotees thronged the Sarowar Gangasagar, Dhanusha Sagar, Ram Sagar, Bihar Kunda, Ratna Sagar, Rukmini Sar, Argajha, Maharaj Sagar, Bishhar, Muralisar and Agni Kunda among other ponds and offered sweets, fruits, vegetables, vermillion powder, garlands among other delicacies made in their houses.

The worship of the rising and setting suns symbolically reflects a message that happiness, grief, sorrow and felicity must all be treated equally in life. During Chhath, women take the initiative for the ritualistic performance and seek a resolve and commitment for the society and family.

The presence of poor, rich, upper, middle, lower classes and castes at the same location for offering prayers to the Sun God indicates that everyone is equal in the eyes of God and truth.

Source: RSS