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Connecting Students with Technology Environment in Bhojpur


Bhojpur: The community schools have included computer lesson” on the curriculum in Bhojpur. They are becoming Technology-Friendly Zone.

Many schools including Vidhyodaya Secondary School; Yashodhara Secondary School; Panchakanya Secondary School, Chyangre; Vishwapremi Secondary School, Yaku; Sagarmatha Secondary School, Ghoretar; Vidhyeshwor Secondary School, Gogane established a technology-friendly environment.

Sameer Rai, a computer teacher at Yashodhara Secondary School, Taksar said the students are enthusiastic about computer lesson in the schools. Mr.Prakash Singh Rai, Free Student Union President at Bhojpur Multiple Campus said that computer education and electronic library facility were also necessary for college-level studies.

General Secretary at the institute, Mr.Sanket Koirala said the campaign of distributing computers had completed its first phase and expected to distribute more computers and other supplements to the schools from eastern to western regions of the district.

Source: THT