Couple donates marriage expenses for childrens education

by Glocal Khabar 803 views0

Kathmandu, May 18, 2018: A newly married Nepali couple living in USA has donated what would be their marriage ceremony expenditure for the education of children in rural Nepal. The money will go to support the education of children in rural Nepal through Teach for Nepal (TFN).

Bibhusan Shakya and Shilva Shrestha donated a sum of nearly ten lakhs Nepali rupees($10,000) to Teach for Nepal to provide quality education to children of rural Nepal. Speaking about the donation, Shakya said, “Contributing towards Teach for Nepal work was one of my dreams and by investing in the educational sector, I feel proud I can change the lives of many students.”

Shakya is a Postdoctoral fellow at University of Michigan and Shrestha is pursuing her PHD in biology from the University of Michigan. She said the decision was made to donate the money for education in order to discourage the age-old tradition of dowry system of Nepal.