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Desire Adventures redefining the traditional travel methods in Nepal

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Where there is a problem, there are opportunities. Mt. Everest and Mt. Annapurna only exist in Nepal and we cannot find it elsewhere in this world. There was a lack of flexibility and customization of tour and trekking facilities in a beautiful country like Nepal. After the establishment of social media, the concept of tourism and tour has been changing as people know more about Nepal.

Dinesh Bhushal, an entrepreneur and MD of Desire Adventures, has successfully contributed towards the bright future of the tourism sector by bringing the idea of Desire Adventures. Desire Adventures is a travel and tour-based company in Nepal.

The Inspiration

After completing his bachelor degree Dinesh entered into the world of IT and worked in a call center. He always knew he had to do something in his life. After getting the concept of tourism business, Dinesh apprehended and felt the lack of flexibility and customization of tour and trekking facilities in a beautiful country like Nepal. He was highly inspired by Jack Ma and preferred listening and reading Ma’s sayings.

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Dinesh Bhusal

After seven years of experience in the field, Dinesh with his group started Desire Adventures. Desire Adventures provides customized services to the costumers with exceptional product knowledge, 24x7x365 days support guaranteed departure on each booking, fair price and service and quality guaranteed service.

Desire Adventures

Desire Adventures is a travel and tour-based company in Nepal which is licensed by Department of Tourism within Ministry of Tourism. With the excellent and experienced team, the company stands exceptionally substantial and outstanding till date. Desire Adventures provides a variety of treks and lead expeditions with a mixture of adventure tour and the cultural trip for the enthusiastic customers. It is an online based company where everything is fixed via internet connections with the customers.

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Leading successful treks and expeditions throughout the years, Desire Adventures not only conducts the customers with remarkable services but gives them a chance to choose and customize the packages by directly consulting with the customers. It provides an authentic and cultural experience of Nepal to the customers. From safety, flexibility and personalized service to financial protection and sustainable tourism, it facilitates the clients with an excitement of adventure with responsible travel.

Adventure to the land of the Himalayas lies only a click away as most of the bookings and registrations are handled online. Desire Adventures not only helps customers explore nature and the cultural wonders but it also helps them stroll around the city and the villages, exploring the lifestyle. To ensure a perfect experience it hires a local on demand, specifically to explore the untouched parts of the attractions and culture which helps in representing the Nepali culture.

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Desire Adventures provides the best travel and tour experience, ensuring safety, comfort, and interest of the costumers in the best possible and easiest way. It is associated with Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), Trekking Agents Association of Nepal (TAAN), Kathmandu Environment Education Project (KEEP) and Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) as well as a registered license from the Government of Nepal.

Desire Adventures consists of 25 tour guides who are well experienced in the field with about 10 people working as the staffs in the office. It’s been one year since the company was established. Most of the customers of the company are between the age of 25 to 40. The company has been trying to make people aware of the paradise that lies in Nepal through conferences. Various contents regarding the tourism business are being published by the company.

“The excellent and experienced team is what makes the company wide-ranging and outstanding till date, providing a variety of treks and lead expeditions along with a mixture of adventure tour and cultural trip for enthusiastic travelers from all around the world.”-Dinesh Bhusal, MD, Desire Adventures

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Problems and Future Plans

Tourism is the largest industry in Nepal and it’s the largest source of foreign exchange and revenue. Nepal is a hotspot destination for mountaineers, rock climbers and people seeking adventure as it possesses eight of the ten highest mountains in the world.

Bhusal says that he never took problems as challenges but things to work on. So, he was successful in tackling up with the problems he had to overcome during the early stages of incepting Desire Adventures. The company also provides a fair chance for the customers to enjoy and make the best use of the opportunity. He predicts that the company, within 5 years will be considered as a part of the top 15 best travel agency of Nepal.

To the aspiring entrepreneurs

Nepal is a country with a lot of scope. Many people don’t realize the prospects Nepal has but our country provides the natural beauty which no other parts of the world offer.

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