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Digital marketing like a Laser-Guided Missile: Prof. Purushottam Papatla


Kathmandu, March 16, 2017: Purushottam Papatla, Interim Associate Dean and a professor of marketing at Lubar Business School, Wisconsin, USA, has said that digital marketing technique is like a laser-guided missile.

Talking amidst a programme with the startup founders and aspiring entrepreneurs in the capital today, Prof. Papatla mentioned that digital marketing is the most effective tool to directly reach the target clients for one’s products and services.

Sharing ideas about the benefits of social and digital media over the conventional ones like newspapers, televisions, and radios, Papatla also showed how social media have evolved to be the most favored advertising platform for new businesses all over the world.

Discussing a case on how we can attract an specific person from a certain city in the USA to visit Nepal, he showed the way we can reach him/her with our products and services. He also shared with the event participants about some features of social media that help us to reach specific users, and share about our unique advantage to the clients.

“Social media is helping spread our message in a much faster and cost-effective way as we can personalize our target audience on Facebook, Twitter, and similar other sites,” he shared on the occasion.

Prof Papatla sharing his ideas on the occasion
A participant raises his queries on the occasion