Drama resembling SAARC Countries Issues To Be Held By NYCA

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Kathmandu,17 November, 2014: Nepalese Youth for Climate Action(NYCA) is showing drama under the theme ‘ we demand action not words ‘ on 18 November, Tuesday at 4:00 pm in Basantapur, Kathmandu.

The drama will address major problems of SAARC countries mainly disaster, food insecurity and climate change on the occasion coming 18th SAARC summit.

” Among many strategies and plan of SAARC, very few are brought in action. SAARC countries are still facing problems of poverty, water scarcity. The negligence of SAARC must be minimized by proper implementation of decisions.” said the campaign and media coordinator of NYCA, Regan Sapkota.

” Before drama, flashmob will be presented and ends with candle lightening.”. he further added.




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