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EmpowHER 2018 Second Session built Stronger Project Ideas


Kathmandu, June 5, 2018The second session of the EmpowHER 2018 was held this Saturday, 2nd June. The session started with the reflection of what the change makers learnt on the first session presented by the Rapporteurs. Following the presentation, the responsibilities for the session were handed over to the Session Representatives, Social Media handlers and to the Rapporteurs.

The guest speaker for the session, Pabitra Majhi, who is also one of the winners of EmpowHER 2017, spoke about her project Saahasi, a project which provides basic literacy to the marginalized adult women of Sarlahi. She shared about her journey in EmpowHER as well as her experience running a project on her own.

The participants then shared three main points about their project; the main problem, the number of participants and whether the project is contextual or not. The session proceeded with discussion on business models as well as effective methods of analysis and communication. The participants analyzed their problems, its solutions, their projects’ unique value proposition, unfair advantage, target audience, cost structure and revenue stream, which was lead by Ujyalo Foundation’s Executive Director, Amuda Mishra.

In the second half of the session, Yajaswi Rai, the program co-lead of EmpowHER 2018, explained analysis methods and effective communication, especially the importance of Email etiquettes and active listening along with verbal and nonverbal communication.

Finally, the session ended on an activity based on the Power of Now. It was a reflective exercise about how the participant’s life was shaped up before joining EmpowHER.

The second session of EmpowHER was quite knowledgeable for the participants as they learnt various skills of analysis and effective communication and reached one step closer towards shaping their project ideas.

By Binita Poudel and Soni Maharjan

Binita Poudel and Soni Maharjan are two of the changemakers of EmpowHER 2018