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My experience of living in a Hostel


It was 12 Baishak 2073, when I first stepped into Gandaki Boarding School (GBS). After passing a tough entrance examination, I secured my seat to study in one of the most prestigious school. My parents, who always dreamt sending me to a school like GBS were proud of me. A thirteen-year-old kid, born and raised as the youngest member of the whole family, I had feared if I would adjust well in a residential school. But today, I can proudly recall my days in the hostel of GBS as one of the most memorable days of my life.

As a newcomer to the school, I wondered if I could find the good company and supportive teachers. When my mother was leaving the hostel compound after setting up my beds, I didn’t know where I would go and how I would adjust myself in such a new environment. I had no clue of the school’s norms, values and routine. Helpless I was until I met Sabin and Ananda, who were ready to help me get used to with the hostel and school.

We seventy boys from grade 6 and 7 would share the same hostel. In my childhood, I always regarded hostel as a place where mischievous kids were sent so that they would improve themselves. But after spending around a week in GBS, I realized how wrong I was. The boys in the dormitory always had something creative to do. I had friends and seniors coming from different parts of the country and each of them had a unique talent. Slowly, I started to interact and discuss with most of them who would fascinate me with their own interests and hobby. Also, we had our hostel parent to motivate us every time. I soon understood, GBS was providing us with sufficient resources to grow and learn and students were to make the best use of it.

Of course, I missed my home and my little brother a lot. I would desperately wait for the leave weekends. However, during the long breaks, I would remember our evening football matches, talks in the dormitory, assignment discussion, and club based debates and wish the school to resume soon.

One of the biggest challenges that I faced was washing my clothes myself. At home, I never washed my clothes myself. Here I had no choice. We do have laundry service in our school but we have to wait for a whole week to get our clothes back. It was difficult for me but I took it as the first lesson in life to make me independent and responsible. I was the one to take care of my books, clothes and health along with my studies.

Back home, I always had my father and mother to help me. In contrast, GBS gave me a platform to grow and learn myself. It also taught me to become thoughtful and appreciate the hard work of my parents and all the members of GBS to help us provide such a wonderful environment to learn.

It’s been few months that I have not been able to stay in the hostel due to my health problem. I have started missing my friends and their company. Similarly, the greenery and fresh environment of the school attracts me more. I wish to recover soon from my illness and continue my hostel life again.

By: Safal Bhandari

Safal is currently an eighth-grade student at Gandaki Boarding School, Pokhara